It's Peony Party Time In The Hamptons: My Top Planting, Design, & Care Tips For My Favorite Flower


Kelli Delaney peonies

We’re heading into peony season in the Hamptons − my favorite time of year! Like a stunning supermodel these beauties take over a room the moment they enter.   Here’s some snaps of my past peony prowess from my gardens at Maple Shade, how I like to arrange them in my home, and some easy planting and growing tips further below.

Peonies are my favorite flower in the garden.

Kelli Delaney peonies

Did you know that a Peony represents these ideas & values?
1. Wealth: when the peony bushes in your garden are full of flowers then you will have a good fortune ahead.
2. Romantic love, with a particular focus on love between two strangers.
3. Beauty in all forms, yet all parts of the peony can be poisonous, especially when taken in excess
4. Bashfulness & shame

While I cut my peonies to make arrangements I keep them hydrated in my fountain.

Kelli Delaney peonies

In my garden I have planted about 3o Festiva Maxima peony plants, and even more Sara Bernhardt. They produce my favorite blooms, fragrance, and color for arrangements.

Kelli Delaney peonies
Justin Hancock, senior director of marketing at Monrovia, shares the TOP TIPS for planting peonies:

May is the month to get your pretty peonies (Itoh or herbaceous) into the ground. Most are either budded or even in bloom so shop early (at your garden center or online at Here are a few design, planting and care tips:
— Peonies look their best when massed so plan on planting in groups of at least 3 to 5 (more is always better, especially if want loads of cut flowers!).
— Make sure they’re planted in full sun or part shade
— Peonies need good drainage so dig a large hole, loosen the soil, and mix in generous amounts of compost
— A 2- to 3-inch-deep layer of mulch over the soil helps reduce weeds
— Need a suggestion for complementary plants? Try contrasting yellow Itoh Peonies with purple Siberian Iris and Catmint.
kelli delaney peonies
Kelli Delaney peonies