NEW Party Pix: Cynthia Rowley Surf Camp x VieVite Dinner at The Surf Lodge

Cynthia Rowley

Cynthia Rowley in partnership with VieVité hosted the 2nd annual Cynthia Rowley Surf Camp dinner at the Surf Lodge on Wednesday, July 17th at 7:30PM.

Christina Caradona, Dria Murphy
Sarah Bray, Dria Murphy

The event celebrated an adventurous summer of inspiring women taking surf lessons in Montauk. Cynthia’s close friends and family came out to celebrate as well!

Jackie Swerz, Kit Keenan

Several guests of honor posed at the fun filled, packed event.

Emily Men
Jackie Swerz, Christina Caradona

Sophie and Charlotte Bickley had some fun posing in front of the beautiful Fort Pond in Montauk.

Sophie Bickley, Charlotte Bickley
Sophie Bickley
Sophie Bickley, Charlotte Bickley

And who doesn’t love some rosé to accompany any event!


Charlotte Bickley, Sophie Bickley, Cynthia Rowley, Christina Caradona, Jackie Swerz, Christina Grasso, Emily Men, VieVité
Ruby Saracino, Kit Keenan

Attendees included Cynthia Rowley, Bill Powers, Kit Keenan, Lucien Smith, Tezza, Zippora Seven, Terrence Conners, Christina Caradona, Cass DiMicco, Sophie and Charlotte Bickley, Emily Men, Nikki Friedman, Waikei Tong and Dria Murphy.

Tezza Barton
Charlotte Bickley, Sophie Bickley, Cynthia Rowley, Emily Men
Lucien Smith

Interested in attending surf camp next year with Cynthia Rowley? We sure are!