KDHamptons Fitness Diary: WaveShape Guru Adam Rosante





KDHamptons is always in search of the latest fitness trends to keep you bikini ready… This week we catch up with celebrity trainer Adam Rosante, a self-professed “surfing beach bum” and Hamptons native, who recently launched a surf-specific workout called WaveShape. Don’t have the skills to rip through waves at Ditch Plains in Montauk? You can still get a rocking surfer bod. Adam shares, “Every body is different. Your body is your own, and is capable of amazing things. I promise you one thing: You’re stronger than you think!” We catch up with Adam Rosante in between workouts, to find out about his life on and off the surfboard in his new KDHamptons Fitness Diary below:




KDHamptons:  What exactly is WaveShape, and how does it differ from your popular NYC class “The People’s Bootcamp?”

Adam Rosante: The moves in WaveShape are designed to mimic the multi-dimensional movement patterns of surfing. It’s something I originally created for Anna Jerstrom  (founder of Calavera Swimwear, pictured below) and her sponsored athletes. These women tackle some of the biggest waves on the planet so it was important to me that they stay as functionally strong and safe in the water as possible. It also helps them look super hot in those Calavera bikinis. Anna had the great idea to make the workout available to everyone free of charge, and so we came up with the name WaveShape.  It’s online, and we also have weekly classes at Ruschmeyers in Montauk.



Calavera Founder Anna Jerstrom catching some waves



KDHamptons:  What intrigued you about collaborating with the Calavera girls?

Adam: I always love working with peak performance athletes and these girls are at the top of their game. It’s interesting to see how their bodies react to the stresses placed on it, both on a muscular and aerobic level. Plus, these girls are friends of mine who are always shoving me around on the waves. This gave me the opportunity to exact a bit of revenge. ;)



KDH:  What are three words to best describe the Calavera Girls?  And, can regular Hamptonites even hope to get that fit?

Adam: Hot! Hot!! Hot!!! Kidding. Obviously they’re all gorgeous, but the Calavera girls are focused, relentless and fun. Can you get as fit as them? Of course! Will you look exactly like them? Why would you want to? Everybody is different. Doing WaveShape will help you look like the best version of you. And that’s a beautiful thing.





KDH:  What exactly does the WaveShape Challenge entail?

Adam: 30 days. Do the WaveShape workout 3 days per week, with two other days of cross-training of your choice. My recommendation for a perfect week would be:

– Monday: WaveShape at home
– Tuesday: Weightlifting (Yes, women should weight train. You’re not going to look like a bodybuilder. And you can go heavier than you think!)
– Wednesday: WaveShape at home
– Thursday: Restorative Yoga or some really thorough stretching on your own
– Friday: Weightlifting or your favorite class incorporating resistance training
– Saturday: WaveShape at Ruschmeyer’s!!
– Sunday: Complete rest


The workout is awesome, but the best part of this is the community that’s developed around it. Like surfing culture, WaveShape has helped build this amazing tribe of women and men who are all so supportive of each other. Everyday I see people interacting and encouraging their fellow WaveShapers on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. It’s so cool.





KDHamptons:  How often do you surf, and what is your home break?

Adam: Ugh, not as often as I’d like given my schedule. But I try to get out there at least twice a week. And once I’m out, it takes an act of Congress to get me back in. For me, it’s about being on the water. The ocean hits my reset button. No matter what’s going on in my life, meetings and shoots, classes and interviews, once I hit that saltwater, it all washes away. Damn, I need to get out there right now. My home break is a little spot in Montauk.



KDHamptons:  How long have you been coming to the Hamptons?

Adam: I was actually born and raised in the Hamptons. I’ve been living in the city since I graduated college, but am fortunate enough to come out nearly every weekend.  My grandfather, who once raised and trained racehorses, became a dairy farmer at Cow’s Neck Farm in Southampton. I can remember when I was little he used to turn off the agitator on the cooling tank and all the cream would collect at the surface. He’d scoop it off and we’d use it to make ice cream with fresh peaches.





KDHamptons:  What are your three favorite things about the East End?

Adam: First, the ocean: I honestly could not live without it.  Second, I’m going to be a bit corny and go for a classic: the light.   I know everyone says that, but it’s undeniable. There’s a reason artists are perpetually captivated by it. My wife gives me a hard time as I’ve taken thousands upon thousands of photos to try and capture it just right. It never gets old.  Third, my family: I have an enormous family, and almost all of them are on the East End.  Sorry, but I HAVE to slip in a fourth: The food. Farm fresh and simple. Nothing’s better than picking up my CSA from Amber Waves Farm, going home to our place in Montauk and cooking up a feast for our friends and family.



KDHamptons:  What are your favorite East End restaurants?

Adam: During the day, we are eating at the beach. All day. I wind up carting along a feast, wine and all, to make for friends. Sorry, but a soggy sandwich doesn’t cut it. Can’t help it. I’m Italian! Speaking of Italian: Baby Moon restaurant is my favorite in Westhampton for classic Sicilian dishes. The owner John (a family friend) gives me these enormous drums of imported olive oil. I go through it like water.



Everyone loves a fiesta at La Brisa!



For Mexican food, I’m loving Jack Luber’s new place La Brisa in Montauk. Check them out on Sunday nights. He DJ’s a fun dance party there.

Coffee & Juices: Jack’s Stir Brew in Amagansett for cold-brewed iced coffee and pressed juices.

Rosé: Channing Daughters in Bridgehampton. Last year they did 9 different varieties!

Brunch or casual dinner: Dockside in Sag Harbor. One of my absolute favorites.

Drinks: If we venture out for drinks, it’s usually to Crow’s Nest down by the water or c/o The Maidstone in East Hampton. They have excellent bartenders, and I love sitting on the front porch and watching the ducks & swans. Also, can’t go wrong with a few cold beers and ping-pong in the Blackwell Rum Shack at Ruschmeyer’s.



The Crow's Nest in Montauk



KDHamptons: Let’s talk personal style, do you have a Hamptons “uniform”?

Adam: I like to check out Surf Bazaar at the Surf Lodge in Montauk. They’ve got great board shorts, which I live in over the summer, but I mostly go there to get presents for my wife. The owner Bethany designs the most beautiful dresses that work for a barbeque or proper event.



Surf Bazaar at the Surf Lodge



KDHamptons: Are you into your home design? Any special new summer purchases?

Adam: I get inspired by my parents store, Rosante Floors & Windows in Westhampton. They have great area rugs ~ I just got an awesome seagrass rug for our living room and am toying with the idea of new wood floors. They also have gorgeous reclaimed planks that would look perfect in our place.



KDHamptons: Do you like to entertain at home?

Adam: We like to serve drinks on our front deck. My wife makes mind-blowing cocktails. We also throw killer bingo barbeques at our house. Tons of blankets on the lawn, endless bottles of wine and kitschy prizes for the winners. Every few rounds, we’ll do a cash pot. The winner (almost always) gives it to a local charity.



KDHamptons: What is the highlight of your off-season?

Adam: Polar Bear Plunge every December to benefit Human Resources of the Hamptons. It’s become a tradition. We raise money, dive into the icy Atlantic, then tuck into Pierre’s for a Croque-Madame and rosé.


Pierre's in Bridgehampton



**To learn more about Adam and WaveShape, please go to getinwaveshape.com

Also, you can join the bootcamp online, or join Adam at Ruschmeyer’s Lawn in Montauk, Saturdays at 10am to for the 45-minute high-intensity WaveShape workout!