Meet The Hamptons King of All Beers: Montauk Brewing Company Co-Founder Vaughan Cutillo




“We dedicate ourselves to living the no frills good life and are stoked to share that life with you!” — Eric Moss, Founder/Brewmaster, Vaughan Cutillo, Founder, and Joe Sullivan, Founder




Established in 2012 by three lifelong friends, Montauk Brewing Co. aims to “share the true spirit of Montauk through the celebration of quality beer”. Founder Vaughan Cutillo tells KDHamptons, “The three of us were born and raised here. We were East Hampton Town ocean lifeguards together for about 10 years. Growing up on the beach is truly a rewarding experience and something that really shaped the way we operate, in both personal and business life.” In three short years, Montauk Brewing Co. has cultivated a legion of beer drinking fans with their Driftwood Ale, Summer Ale, Arrowhead Irish Red Ale, and Offland IPA. Learn more about the boys behind the beer in this NEW KDHamptons Lifestyle Diary Vaughan Cutillo, below:







KDHamptons: How would you describe your perfect Hamptons day?

Vaughan Cutillo: I usually start the day off with a swim at Navy Road with my dog, there’s nothing quite like getting in the water early in the morning. I’ll head to the brewery around 10 and make sure we are all set for a busy day at the taproom. I’ll head to the beach in town for a quick body surf and relax for a bit before heading back the brewery and sitting on the patio, enjoying one of our beers in the sun. We always make rounds to our loyal accounts and make sure they are all stocked up with our beer. The local support is one of the main reasons we have been successful, so we will always do the right thing for each account. To end out the day, Montauket for sunset with friends, and see where the night goes from there!







Sunset at the Montauket, in Montauk




KDHamptons: Please share a bit of the Montauk Brew back story?

Vaughan: We started home brewing in my basement in Montauk in 2008. We would brew small batches of different beers, fire up the grill, invite friends and share the beer during the summer gatherings. After a tremendous amount of paperwork and persistence, we opened our doors to our brewery in June 2012. We have a great spot located in downtown Montauk. It’s a really unique space for Montauk, very casual, extremely welcoming and always a good time.







KDHamptons: Do you have any events planned for summer in the Hamptons that you can share?

Vaughan: We have our anniversary party on Saturday, June 27th. There will be food trucks, live music, it will be a great way to kick off the summer! We have acoustic Saturdays on the brewery patio all summer long too. We also have small collection of clothing, hats and drinking accessories that we keep adding to.










KDHamptons: Okay, where is the coolest place that Montauk Brewing Company beer is sold?

Vaughan: Our Montauk Session IPA cans are available at Citi Field in Queens. We’re thrilled that our beer will be served during Mets games all season long! The local support from our Montauk/Hampton accounts is phenomenal.







KDHamptons: Who sells the greatest amount of Montauk Brew in the Hamptons?

Vaughan: Montauk Brewing Co. is available at most bars and restaurants on the East End. Also we will be opening our TAPROOM soon at: 62 South Erie Avenue, Montauk; (631) 668-8471







KDHamptons: What is your favorite Hamptons restaurant, got a favorite dish & drink?

Vaughan: There are so many awesome options! There are some really talented chefs on the East End, but I’m pretty much hooked on the sushi at Clam and Chowder House in Montauk, served with an ice cold Montauk Summer Ale, of course!








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