Light It Up! How To Build The Perfect Fire In Five Minutes



Love cozying up to a roaring fire on a snowy day in the Hamptons? Here’s KDHamptons foolproof tips to fire things up in five minutes with my must-have fireplace accessories.

Step 1. Crumble newspaper sheets into a ball and pack under the grate and between the grates.


2. Stack very dry firewood in three rows, 3X3, in opposite directions. We get ours delivered by the cord from John DiStefano at 516-790-2281.

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3. Tuck firestarter sticks in between the gaps.  The wood is injected with resin that naturally produces the flammable terpene which causes the fatwood sticks to ignite when a flame is held to it.  I also throw Frankincense resin on the flames after it’s lit which creates the most divine aroma. My sister lived in Abu Dhabi and sent me a bunch of Frankincense from Oman which I break out for special occasions.


I also love these kiln dried HotStick Nuggets.  The drying process produces smaller chunks and odd size pieces of wood which are great to throw on the fire to keep it blazing. Easy to order to your doorstep from Amazon HERE.

5. Light the paper at the bottom, and watch it burn. I love these chic matches from Skeem, which come in an apothecary-style match bottle. The strike-on-bottle is pretty enough to showcase on your mantel.

SKEEM Alchemy Fireplace Matches, $46. Shop HERE.