KDHamptons Fashion: New Jewelry Collection, KEVA and the Eco-Friendly Vegan Line, Cactus


“We all love a good statement jewelry piece,” shares KEVA Style owners, Eva Harris and Ginny Ball, who realized quickly (or perhaps their ears did after wearing heavy, chunky earrings for a couple hours) the need for lightweight, statement jewelry in the market. The first line of leather earrings were developed and their collections have grown from there.

Image via: Emmy Sammons

Eva and Ginny have launched a new jewelry collection, KEVA and the eco-friendly vegan line, Cactus. The collection includes cuffs, Apple watch bands and very lightweight comfortable earrings – all designed in leather, sourced in Europe, and made in America. KEVA will create custom orders with more than 55 leather options to choose from.

“What truly makes KEVA special are the people we’ve surrounded ourselves with – experts in their fields, women who love supporting other women, and people that embrace and understand the huge impact shopping local makes in our community.” Each piece is handcrafted in our workshop in Richmond, Virginia.

The Cactus collection is organic, animal friendly and sustainable. Made of Nopal cactus, also known as prickly pear, grown on an organic ranch in Mexico.  For more information visit: www.kevastyle.com

Image via: Emmy Sammons
Image via: KEVA website