KDHamptons NEW BEAUTY OBSESSION: Open Garden Hand & Body Wash, and Hand & Body Cream by Biography


Green and delicate on one hand, blue and booming on the other, the gorgeous new Open Garden Hand & Body Wash, and Hand & Body Cream by Biography is KDHamptons favorite beauty launch of the summer season. Biography was founded out of the belief that the secret to beautiful skin lies in natural oils and not synthetic moisturizers. “While the core of the Biography line is the 3 Facial Oils, we are expanding our reach to hands and body. Your face is the soundtrack of your life. In essence it is your Biography showing the impact of the sun, stress, joy and environment on your personal journey,” shares Founder and CEO, Linda  Thompson.

The gel-like cleanser gently purifies while finely-ground quartz and pumice buff away textural waywardness and dullness of spirit. Skin is softened and exfoliated with active ingredients including Butterfly Bush, White Peony, Aloe, Pumice and Quartz. The fragrance suggests a bursting greenhouse setting sail on sea – a rush of humid oxygen and tender blooms. The innovative plant-based gel cleanser offers gentle daily exfoliation, cleansing, and moisture all in one.

The Butterfly bush, white peony and aloe soften the skin and provide the lasting moisture. Butterfly bush is packed with antioxidants that can boost skin repair, moisturize, and has soothing properties.

White Peony offers skin brightening + anti-inflammatory + anti-pollutant. It can reduce the look of discoloration,   act a skin barrier and provide moisture.  Contains Tannins to promote more even/luminous skin tone.

Pumice + Quartz: A unique blend, unlike other washes. It removes dry, flakey skin.  Softens and smoothes skin.  Preps hands/body for cream.

Using only plant-based natural, this instantly-absorbing cream offers long-lasting hydration with skin-softening effects thanks to ingredients like Babassu seed oil, Butterfly Bush, Camellia seed oil, and our Watermelon/Quinoa blend.

Ingredient stories:  Babassu Oil: Made from the seeds of the babassu palm. Packed with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties  and healthy fats. Emollient + provides moisture.  The Oil breaks down quickly at body temp and is absorbed quickly + anti-inflammatory properties assist in soothing irritated skin

Butterfly bush (wash & cream): packed with antioxidants that can boost skin repair.  Moisturizes + has soothing properties.

Watermelon/Quinoa custom blend: Long lasting moisture. Promotes the skin’s NMF (natural moisture factor) by replenishing the skin for extended time.  With continued use – provides moisture up to 10 hours.