KDHamptons Joins Zadig & Voltaire Designer Cecilia Bonstrom For a Fashionable Paddle


Image via Daniel Gonzalez

This past week, KDHamptons writer Willa O’Connor got up close and personal with Zadig and Voltaire artistic director Cecilia Bonstrom as we chatted on our stand up paddle boards. European brand Zadig and Voltaire is increasing their presence in the states and just opened up a new location on East Hampton Main Street. Z&V decided to commemorate the opening of the store with a photoshoot at Gina Bradley’s East Hampton Paddle Diva.

KDHamptons writer Willa O’Connor
Left: Paddle Diva Stacey Spencer. Right: Charlotte Bonstrom

Artistic Director since 2006, Cécilia Bönström is the other half of Zadig & Voltaire. A subscriber of “less is more,” Cécilia lends a distinct style and sensibility that plays in perfect balance to founder Thierry Gillier. With a penchant for storytelling instead of simply following trends, Cécilia’s collections imbue an ageless quality, with each piece feeling fashionable yet never fleeting. Sumptuous, silky cashmeres and soft, washed-out cottons intertwine with subtly androgynous silhouettes, marking Cécilia’s signature.

With a few other lucky ladies, some of whom modeled with the Bonstrom sisters in Paris, we fueled ourselves with some Dr.Smood juice and chia seed pudding as we chose suits to wear paddling.

Browse their swimwear here. Next, we headed over to Gina at Paddle Diva. She taught us how to paddle like pros, and then we were all off, discussing beauty tips, fashion, and how Charlotte, Cecilia, and their friends stay so beautiful (drinking a LOT of water, avoiding smoking, and tons of sunscreen!)

I chose a suit that was used on the runway, and Cecilia gave me the great tip of wearing it not only as a bathing suit, but also as a cool bodysuit look with a pair of  baggy jeans for romping around in the summer. I love the cut outs on the sides!

KDHamptons writer Willa O’Oconner

Images via Daniel Gonzalez

Paddle Diva Gina Bradley!Image via Daniel Gonzalez

—by Willa O’Connor