Go Behind The Hedgerow! KDH Takes You On A VIP Garden Tour With Hamptons Gardens

Hamptons Gardens by Assouline
Hamptons Gardens by Assouline
Hamptons Gardens by Assouline

Famed East End landscape designer Jack deLashmet spoke to KDH about his latest venture, a book he wrote called Hamptons Gardens, and his favorite East End gardens.

Hamptons Gardens, which invites readers “into the private world that lies behind privet hedges and wrought iron gates” dazzles with photographs taken by Mary Ellen Bartley and Doug Young that. Hamptons Gardens will be the perfect gift for an haute fabulous hostess because the pictures of the gardens are mind-blowingly beautiful and wildly opulent. The book is published by Assouline, which is known for producing large, single-subject books like HG that are perfect for a coffee table.

*KDH loves that all proceeds from the sale of the book go to God’s Love We Deliver. KDH readers can buy the book from BookHampton, or go to ASSOULINE Boutiques worldwide or through www.assouline.com.for $150.

KDH: Were you the landscape architect for any of the gardens in Hamptons Gardens?
JD: I had to remove myself from inclusion, unless there was a collaborative partner who was equally as “important” to the success of a garden that otherwise fit into my tight criteria for inclusion. To that end, I worked with Kim Lipkin on the Claverack-Keywaydin project, worked with Geoffrey Nimmer on the North Haven project for Jeff and Mala Sander, and worked with plantsmen Holger Winnenga and Tor Bono on the Calf Creek project. I also had some input–as a friend–on a few others.

KDH: What is your favorite flower or tree that every KDH reader’s garden should have?
JD: I think a Magnolia virginiana is a must-have. This small tree is a native to the east coast and south, and the small flowers are pure romance and fragrance. You will find it in almost every garden I design. I also like to sneak in a Captain John Ingram rose because it is named for my great-great grandfather. I also love the native grass Carex pensylvanica. It’s a gorgeous native lawn.

KDH: Do you have a favorite garden in the Hamptons Gardens that KDH readers should look for?
JD: I think the Woody House gardens are among the most amazing gardens in the United States. As beautiful as it is, the photography can not in any way capture its true scale and beauty. On a personal level, I love the garden of my dear friends, Mala and Jeff Sanders, because I collaborated on these gardens with them and fell in love with my partner, Geoffrey Nimmer of East End Garden Design during the time we were collaborating on it!

KDH: If you could snap your green thumb- whose garden do you wish was your own?
JD: I would take any one of them. I love the soul and design of Eileen Catalano’s organic garden in the Springs, and Edwina von Gal’s garden knocks me on my feet with its simplicity.

KDH: Are you a full time resident of the Hamptons?
JD: Yes, I live in the Springs and spend winters in Nosara, Costa Rica. Traveling extensively, I speak to botanical gardens and professional groups, and design gardens throughout the US and Europe. Yet, the Hamptons are Home, with a capital “H.” I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

*All images courtesy of Assouline