Meet John Crimmins: My Favorite Long Island Artist! Check Out His Latest Works Which Hang In Our Beach Cottage...


    John Crimmins family scene
    Little Crimmins painting in my guest bath
    John Crimmins fisherman at the bay

    KDH Readers, Meet John Crimmins: My Favorite Painter For Collectible Hamptons Beach Cottage Art!

East End artist, John Crimmins is an American Impressionist painter. Incredibly, he is self-taught, having studied the works and techniques of the prominent American artist Charles Hawthorne and living by his saying “Let Color make form”. If you view John’s paintings at close inspection you will see single spots of color silhouetted with another which not only shows his skill, but his passion and intricate dedication to his work. KDH already owns ten Crimmins paintings, and counting. We caught up with the reluctantly shy artist who “can paint the beach from memory, and will often look forward to painting after a day in the sun.” Check out his KDH diary below..

KDHamptons: What inspires you to create a new painting?
John Crimmins: Wide open spaces. A day at the beach. Sunshine.

KDH: Which painter do you most admire, dead or alive?
JC: Charles Webster Hawthorne [1872-1930]. He was a teacher in Provincetown, and also lived in Shinnecock working with William Merrit Chase at his school.

KDH: The East End has an incredible legacy with some of the world’s most famous artists. What makes the Hamptons such a great place to paint?
JC: I would say the beaches, the gardens, the light. The early preserved architecture

KDH: You have a secret that is in all of your paintings: There is always an image of your wife somewhere in the scene…are there any other secrets?
JC: Maybe. You would have to have more than one painting to know. [KDH homework assignment #1,328]

KDH: How long does it take you to create each painting?
JC: Most all my paintings are done alla prima [which is a style of painting where the work is completed while the paint is still wet. Strictly defined, an alla prima painting would be started and finished in one painting session]

KDH: Where can my readers buy your work? Do you have a website?
JC: I show my new paintings on

KDH: Do you have a favorite painting? Can you please describe it?
JC: My first painting for the revelation. My last painting for something l

KDH: Can readers commission you to create a painting?
JC: Typically no, I would rather paint my own subjects.

KDH: John, why are you so shy about your work and doing interviews?
JC: Can’t be said anymore!

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