Haute Hamptonite Kelly Bensimon Offers To Make Us All Hot In New Book!






On Saturday, June 23rd, KDHamptons attended Kelly Bensimon’s book signing at the popular new store C. Wonder boutique in Southampton. The leggy East Hamptonite happily mingled to promote her new book, I Can Make You HOT: The Supermodel Diet”



The former model worked her own “hot” C. Wonder look in melon colored skinny jeans and a nautical striped flowy tunic as she chatted with us about the inspiration behind the title of her book [in between signings]. The colorful C. Wonder crew offered sweats & treats.

Bensimon shared with the meaning behind the book’s provocative title with KDHamptons. Aware of the sensationalistic nature of the HOT acronym, Bensimon wanted her young fans to be drawn to the book. The acronym stands for Healthy Options Today, as the book focuses on healthy lifestyle choices, realistic dieting expectations, and reasonable workouts—only 20 minutes a day! That’s doable.

When we asked Kelly what she thought was the least hot trend among young women she shared that “young girls are simply not eating and exercising in a healthy way.”  The former model’s last words of advice?  “Treat your body like a Ferrari, not a rental car!” We like the sound of that!

*Pick up your copy today to read all about Kelly’s healthy lifestyle tricks!!