Bond No. 9 Brings You The Beach in a Bottle: 5 Fab Fragrances That Smell Like Summer!





When the Southampton Saks Fifth Avenue closed its doors last season, it left Eastern Long Island without a great source of fabulous fragrance finds. But famed perfume emporium, Bond No. 9, has remedied the situation with a satellite store of it’s own at the legendary American Hotel in Sag Harbor. Designed as a summer-white version of their mirrored Bleecker Street shop, underneath a sea-blue chandelier, you’ll find the entire collection of the fabled Bond No. 9 eau de parfum, as well as: scented candles, soaps, body cream, body lotion, and more. The beautiful bright bottles and packaging make this a great destination for summer gift giving.


*Pick up one of their five amazing summer scents all inspired by haute New York destinations:


Bond Sag Harbor, 100 ml, $240


“Bond No. 9’s Sag Harbor, is a languid, flower-garden, ivy-coated, marine-scented ode to that quietly beguiling alternative South Fork town.”



Bond Hamptons, 100ml, $230


“Your own private Jitney transport to New York’s outermost neighborhood, where country lanes dotted with World of Interiors houses and McMansions meet salt-sea mist. A male-female weekend scent, combining lush florals with a woody musk that lingers like a creamy ocean mist.”


Bond Eau De New York, 100ml, $230


“The speed-demon, get-it-done-yesterday capital of the world, in take-out form! Fast-paced fruits, flowers, and greens whose effervescent scent molecules positively whiz through the air.”



Bond Fire Island, 100ml, $230

“The scent of bronzing: Certified New York sun-kissed skin. The quintessential male-female beach-and-suntan scent, to wear all summer or to summon up the scent of musky, sun-baked skin.”

Bond Coney Island, 100ml, $230


“What is the smell of fun, and how do you bottle it? That was our mission at Bond No. 9 when we decided to capture the essence of Coney Island and turn it into an eau de parfum!”

*Head to the Bond No. 9 at: 45 Main Street, Sag Harbor; 631.725.7467