Looking to try a new bespoke beverage for Easter? These delicious cocktails are festive, colorful, fun to look at and drink!  



1.7 oz (50 ml) Baileys Irish Cream

.84 oz (25 ml) Ballykeefe Vodka (or other premium vodka)

1 cup (240 ml) whole milk

Premium white chocolate

Premium cocoa powder

Mint leaves

Premium milk chocolate eggs

1. Melt white chocolate in small pot

  1. Rotate rim of Martini Glass into pot
  2. Chill Martini Glass with scoop of ice
  3. Add Baileys Irish Cream, Vodka and Milk to Boston Shaker Glass
  4. Shake contents of Boston Shaker Glass for 25 seconds
  5. Pour contents of Boston Shaker Glass into Martini Glass
  6. Garnish with chocolate powder & mint leaf
  7. Make it extra sweet and festive add milk chocolate eggs.

Quote from Dawid Smietana:

“Easter in Ireland is about renewal after deprivation, fasting and feasting… and of course, it is about chocolate!  When I was creating Kilkea’s Easter Martini, I wanted the bespoke beverage to be a delicious and sweet treat for adults.  I was inspired by the flavors that you find in a traditional Easter basket and all the ingredients, which include Baileys Irish Cream, Ballykeefe Vodka, organic whole milk, and a premium white chocolate and cocoa powder, blend beautifully together to make a delightful dessert cocktail.  Chocolate eggs are by far the most popular Irish Easter tradition, with residents consuming 17.5 million Easter eggs each year, so I added those on the side…. Though you can also slip one of the chocolate eggs into the cocktail for a hidden surprise at the bottom of the glass!”

PHOTO CREDIT: Kilkea Castle; www.kilkeacastle.ie



60mL Aphrodise

30mL Rose Wine

25mL Raspberry Liqueur

15mL Lemon Juice

15mL Coconut Syrup

2 drops of Fee Foam or Egg White Powder

7 drops of Aromatic Bitters

Garnish: Raspberry & Lemon Peel, Coconut Flakes (on the outside of glass)

Glass: Champagne Coupe



Mix rose wine, raspberry liqueur, lemon juice, coconut syrup, fee foam or egg white powder in a Boston Shaker.

Pour into glass and top with Aphrodise.

Add 7 drops of aromatic bitters on top of foam.

Add garnishes, and enjoy!


QUOTE: Nabin Subedi
“Spring is all about renewal and I wanted to create a cocktail that reflected the refreshing sweetness that comes with the season. Easter marks the change of seasons, and so I wanted to create a cocktail that was bubbly, colorful, and surprising. We wanted to capture the youth and vibrancy of Aphrodise in a cocktail format without diminishing from this remarkable bubbly and this compliment of flavors magically came together to bring the cocktail to life…”

CREATOR: Mykonos’ Director of Mixology Nabin Subedi;   www.drinkaphrodise.com