This Easter,  bypass the Cadbury mini eggs and opt for a healthy chocolate treat that you can enjoy all year round. Ele Chocolates, a small family owned company, has created a delicious new probiotic artisanal chocolate line founded on the love and dedication to both the well being of personal health and quality chocolate. Through the collaborative minds of Synbiotic Health Inc., Intrinsic Organics, and The Cordial Cherry, this probiotic supplement is packed with two powerful probiotic strains and a blend of prebiotic fibers that’s also a delicious daily treat!

Long time chocolatier, Melissa Stephens, and her daughter and animator, Hannah Humeniuk, are long time believers that healthy living doesn’t have to be reduced to “diet foods” but rather just finding a balance of eating the “right” foods. What we put into our bodies, in turn, goes on to fuel us, and it all starts at our core! We needn’t look at bettering our bodies as a chore, but as something we can slow down and savor.

“With a holistic view, we are dedicated to making natural products that improve and maintain your health at its elemental core.  This is done by pairing our simple, yet decadent and ethically sourced ingredients with powerful probiotics and prebiotic fibers, bringing to you an indulging solution to your daily gut health needs. Our overall health starts at our core, and the foods we fuel our bodies with are crucial in keeping everything else balanced. However, eating well doesn’t mean quality and taste must be sacrificed. Our health journey should be an enjoyable one; we should be able to ‘indulge in our health.”