The Art of Color, an artisanal textile line under Stout Textiles, introduces its exclusive Morningside collection of fabric and coordinating wallpaper designed by textile designer and artist Kristen Leigh. Featuring hues that evoke a sense of joy, the collection is free from stuffiness and is intended to offer levity to the spaces in which they decorate. KDHamptons has more details below…

The collection, two years in the making, came to life through Kristen’s watercolors on paper. “I designed with colors that are calming to me, colors that I could live with day in and day out, relax by in the evenings, hues that evoke a sense of joy,” says Kristen Leigh Steen. “For me, that’s a lot of blue tones, greens, and some neutrals as well.” Named after a street in her close-knit neighborhood in Houston, the Morningside collection reflects the feeling of home and the sense of ease and comfort that home brings to many.

Kristen Leigh Steen is an artist and textile designer residing in Houston, Texas. She began her adventures as a creative when she paused her career as an elementary school teacher to stay home and raise her two children in 2015. Kristen’s patterns are derived from hours spent sketching at home and playing with color to depict traditional emblems with a bit of a whimsical feel. She adores spaces that are lovely yet lived-in and believes pieces should celebrate the vibrancy of a joyful home with the beauty of everyday, ordinary moments. She draws much of her inspiration from her surroundings; most of the time that’s her family, specifically her three children. Many of her patterns are also inspired by her vacations to the beaches along the southern coast and exploring the outdoors with her children. When she’s not doodling or painting, Kristen enjoys early bird mornings with big cups of coffee, long runs with her dog in her neighborhood, and spending time with her family.

“As we photographed the finished collection with Kristen, the versatility became apparent as our imaginings took us to different places and homes where we could envision the designs being used,”says John Greenawalt, Vice President of Operations, Stout Textiles. “For me, that was a cozy New England living room while Kristen saw them in a southern breakfast nook or daughter’s room. That is the true testament to success –when we can be surprised by the application of our offerings and see them in vastly different settings catering to varying aesthetics. I look forward to debuting these new designs to our equally creative customers!”

Stout Textiles, founded in 1927, is a fabric, wallpaper and drapery hardware brand servicing the interior design industry. Based in Colmar, Pennsylvania, Stout is one of the American interior design industry’s oldest family-owned companies, now operating under the fourth generation of leadership.

The Morningside collection of fabrics is made of linen cotton blends and the wallpaper is digitally printed paper sold by a 9-yard double roll (60.70 sq ft). Both the fabric and wallpaper are made domestically in the United States. For more information about the Morningside collecton or Stout Textile’s Art of Color line, please visit them HERE.

Written by Nicole Vawter

Images: Stout Textiles