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Whether you’re looking for a workout or a work-in …. Hamptons native, Jimmy Minardi, Founder of Minardi Training, will take you to the beach, on the road, to the gym and into downward dog this summer. Born and raised in the Hamptons, Jimmy Minardi is redefining what it means to work “out”.  He trains dedicated fitness enthusiasts across a variety of terrain that makes it fun, challenging and gets them into the best shape of their lives! Dylan Lauren has been a regular Minardi Beach Workout die-hard for 4 years.  Jimmy Minardi teaches what he’s lived.  His extensive teaching experience comes from 25 years of being coached as a pro-athlete and running his own successful training business, Minardi Training, in NYC and the Hamptons.  He has a resume that reads like 10 fitness pros in one…. a former pro-cyclist, certified personal trainer, certified yoga teacher (at Yoga Shanti in Sag Harbor and Mandala), certified snowboard instructor, cycling coach, certified ocean rescue swimming coach (for 30 years on Main Beach and founder of non-profit, East End Ocean Rescue), and a black belt in martial arts.

jimmy minardi

Summer Offerings:


The legendary Minardi Beach Workout on Main Beach in East Hampton, gives you high-intensity training that can’t be matched in a gym.  The unstable surfaces help to strengthen muscle fibers, ligaments and tendons that surround the joints, which help to prevent injuries. Nothing challenges the body and boosts the mind like the natural elements of the great outdoors.

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A former professional cyclist, Jimmy Minardi brings his innate training expertise and insights into his cycling excursions like no other. This elite training program for both competitive and novice athletes includes proper bike fit, pedal stroke efficiency, road safety, pace line skills, speed-strength-power intervals, cadence drills both in and out of the saddle cycling techniques on treks from Bridgehampton to Montauk and everywhere in between.

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Originated by former professional athlete, Jimmy Minardi, this ‘work-in’ phase of body conditioning incorporates dynamic yoga poses, strength and breathing exercises that help to irrigate the body and mind.  Each movement is carefully formulated to enhance flexibility, improve stability, posture and mental focus, increase the flow of oxygen to blood cells and build overall body strength – all integral to maximizing performance while minimizing potential injuries through any athletic endeavor. Find Minardi Surfer Yoga at Mandala Yoga in Amagansett & Yoga Shanti in Sag Harbor


‘Vinyasa’ is the act of going from one fluid motion to the next in a controlled manner.  Jimmy Minardi has taken his expertise in personal training and yoga to create a program that combines both intensive, sinuous body movement and muscular strength while maintaining an elevated heart rate. In his one-on-one weight training sessions every muscle is targeted equally to build lean, balanced strength throughout the body. Minimal recovery time keeps the heart rate in the fat burning and fitness zone. In conjunction with the increased stamina comes improved balance and coordination.

jimmy minardi

About Jimmy Minardi

Jimmy Minardi, founder of Minardi Training, has been working as a personal trainer, coach and yoga teacher to top athletes and fitness enthusiasts across the country for over 20 years.  He is a former professional cyclist, certified personal trainer, certified yoga teacher, certified snowboard instructor, certified ocean rescue instructor and black belt.  Renowned for his motivating training style, emphasis on the outdoors, and the exceptional results he achieves, Minardi works closely with each client, customizing a program to maximize performance while minimizing potential injuries.  Through his Beach Workouts, Minardi Surfer Yoga, Cycling and Personal Training, he helps each client develop a level of athleticism and dedication to their own health and wellbeing that is truly life changing.  Minardi is regularly featured in the Media, including The TODAY SHOWFox NewsSelf MagazineGQMen’s JournalOutside MagazineShapeMuscle & FitnessOn FitnessThe Wall Street Journal (20112012)The New York TimesThe Washington PostBeach MagazineHamptons MagazineThe Better Show and The Dr. Steve Show.

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