KDHamptons Style Diary With Surf Bazaar's Bethany Mayer: Designer, Fashion Consultant, Surfer, and Montauk Mom!




KDHamptons caught up with store owner, designer, and fashion consultant Bethany Mayer, who lives between Brooklyn & Montauk with her two and a half year old daughter, Graysen. Bethany Mayer Consulting launched in 2003, to aid emerging designers who sought support without enduring the overhead of a full-time staff; Rogan, Loomstate and Edun are just a few of her clients to date.

What’s the greatest part about her glamorous job? Bethany shares, “Actually it is not all that glamorous, as it is a lot of hard work, with no limitations.  But…the upside is that I make all the decisions and have pure autonomy within my work.” Hey, sounds good to us!



If you have not been to the Surf Lodge in Montauk yet, you must be a Hamptons newbie! It’s the hippest hotel on the East End~ equally packed with moguls, musicians, models, and gorgeous sandy haired surfer dudes! We love “getting lodged!” Tucked into the hotel is Bethany’s surf chic boutique, Surf Bazaar, which is filled with the best bikinis, dresses, soft pastel colored tees, unique accessories, and her own eponymous clothing line. [KDH loves to arrive at the Lodge a little early for dinner to do a power shop at the boutique!]


Want to get to know this supermom, surfer, fashionista, and entrepreneur better? Check out her KDHamptons Diary below:


KDHamptons: How long have you been coming out to the Hamptons? Why do you love it so much?

Bethany Mayer: I have been coming out East for fifteen years.  I actually grew up in a similar atmosphere to Montauk in Northern Michigan, so it is my heart and where I feel most at home.



KDHamptons:  What does a fashion designer wear the most out East? Do you have a Hamptons “uniform”?

Bethany Mayer: I wear our Surf Bazaar brand the most, as it is light, breezy cotton gauze and was designed specifically as a summer wardrobe!  I mix in a few pieces from Electric Feathers and Japanese collection Kapital.


KDHamptons: Do you have one new summer purchase you are obsessed with?

Bethany Mayer: My Basta suit and my Surf Bazaar gauze cropped tee I wear over everything!



KDHamptons: What is your favorite Hamptons restaurant — got a favorite dish & drink you get every time?

Bethany Mayer: The Dock, and hands down they make the best Tuna Melt!



KDHamptons:  Please describe your perfect Hamptons day in detail for KDHamptons readers?

Bethany Mayer: A morning run on the bluff above the ocean, a bike ride to town for coffee with my daughter, then a day at our beach in front of our house, finished with a BBQ with my friends and their kids.



KDHamptons:  Do you like to entertain at home? Who cooks? What’s your “go-to” dinner plan?
Bethany Mayer: YES! It is a group effort in cooking.  I make side dishes and fish. My daughter and I are vegetarians…I have been for 25 years.



KDHamptons:  Please describe your Hamptons home and decorating style?

Bethany Mayer: It is beach, mid-century modern with an ethnic twist, supplemented by garage sale finds!


KDHamptons:  What is your little secret about the Hamptons?

Bethany Mayer: Ha! I actually call it “secret beach” and I can surf the break alone on a Saturday afternoon in high summer when Ditch Plains is a mob scene.


KDHamptons:  We know you won’t divulge your favorite surf spot, but we know it’s not Ditch…..That said, do you eat at the Ditch Witch [below]?  If so, what’s your favorite thing to order?

Bethany Mayer: Absolutely...I love their coffee and powdered sugar donut before a morning surf!




KDHamptons:  Which new hot spot are you excited about this summer?

Bethany Mayer: La Bodega in Montauk…a taste of Puerto Rican beachside in Montauk.  Best Cafe con Leche and acai bowls!


KDHamptons:  How do you seemingly ”do-it-all” ? A consulting career, clothing line,  store, and Montauk mom…can you share a couple tips for busy KDH readers?

Bethany Mayer: Well, my most recent revelation…Hire an accountant!  And only do the things you love….