Wish You Had Gwyneth Paltrow's Gams? Train With Her Fitness Guru, Tracy Anderson, In Water Mill! KDH Shares An Exclusive Q&A With Hollywood's Hottest Trainer...





Who wouldn’t love to look like East Hamptonite Gwyneth Paltrow in a bikini? Well, guess what? GP’s trainer is trading Hollywood for the Hamptons this summer ~ and you can work out with her too! Here’s what you need to know about the Hamptons Detox Weeks with Tracy Anderson, Maria Kelling, and Stacey McDermott that has all of the girls in town buzzing!!



Top trainer Tracy Anderson



Tracy shares,”The Hamptons Detox Weeks are full of satisfying days of cleansing your body of toxins and giving you metabolic balance. After a week of detox, any woman will feel their best and get the results they want. This is not just a weight loss week, it is an all inclusive method that teaches you the proper education you need to be the true you.”


The weekly itinerary includes: 2 hours of daily exercise with Tracy, Maria, or Stacy; daily lectures, and question and answer sessions about the method. The days will also include the freshest food designed for weight loss and detoxification.For 13 years this method has created life long change for women. Giving them the inspiration to reach their goals to look and feel your goals.”






Two methods are available: The morning session is advanced and for people who are already on the Tracy Anderson Method. The Evening sessions are beginner-intermediate for people new to the method, or those who have done the method at home.


Here’s the cool part, each participant will receive a wellness bag [below] that includes items from: VitaMedica, Mott 50 Clothing, The Detox Market, One Lucky Duck, Armour Beauty, Pretty Peaushun, RunRunRun Bags, Artic Zero, Evr Brands, HelioPro, RGB Cosmetics, Love Bottles, Pure Joy Planet, 15Love Apparel, ARCONA, and many more!




Tracy’s gorgeous Water Mill studio.



KDH caught up with Tracy to get the inside scoop about her detox program! Check out her exclusive KDHamptons Diary below!!


KDHamptons: Tell us what the Detox Week Program is about in your own words?

Tracy Anderson: Transforming the lives of women through a revolutionary fitness program with the tools to provide every women with the chance to be their most empowered selves. Through this program you will receive the proper education and guidance to become healthy.


KDH:  Is the program more for weight loss? Or for clearing out the toxins?

TA: It is absolutely for weight loss and to clean out toxins. In more detail, it is designed not only as a destination to just lose weight while you are with me, but also how to experience what you can do with two hours of the method nonstop. From the weeks you can learn that you can eat the cleanest low calorie food and feel satisfied and feel energetic and empowered, that you can lose weight, and that it isn’t too time consuming.


We will be making the food each day for each participant, but we will have daily meetings where we show each person how to make the food and have it work for their lifestyle. We will also teach you how and when during the month you can be free from food restrictions. How to set up your home exercise space, and how to do the method properly at home.


We will also show what to do on days that you don’t have time for complete workouts. Each participant will be armed with so much knowledge, support, and the experience of us all doing it together for the week. They will also get ridiculously great gift bags [below] that already have a thousand dollars worth of goodies in them!




WOW! Can you say SWAG BAG?



KDH: Is this a new concept for the studio?

TA: This is the launch of trips like this I will do all over. It is the best way for me to connect personally with my audience instead of me opening studios everywhere that I can’t possibly monitor. People can experience these trips and know how to use the DVDs and food to achieve success.


KDH: When are the scheduled weeks and what is the cost?

TA: July 21-27 and July 28-Aug 3. $1,800


KDH: Will you be in the Hamptons most of this summer?

TA: Yes I will be and I will be teaching the classes.


KDH: Do any of your celebrity clients do the detox program?

TA: They do, but they do them through me always prescribing for them.


KDH: How quickly can we see results? What is the average expected weight loss?

TA: You will see results that week. People will lose between five to eleven pounds depending on what they have to lose.


WOW!!! Sounds amazing! KDH can’t wait to try this!!!


The Hamptons Tracy Anderson’s Studio is located at 903 Montauk Highway Water Mill, 212.965.1408. For more information on Hamptons Detox Weeks visit tracyandersonmethod.com!