Being Called A GardenFreak Is A GOOD THING!


GardenFreak founder Kim Visokey learned to garden by trial and error…along the way she designed a sublime collection of gardening apparel and accessories that celebrate a modern approach to time spent both in and out of the garden. Shop this uber fun, fashionable and functional lifestyle brand at

Kim shares, “I’ll never forget the day I stumbled upon the coolest garden I’d ever seen. It was spitting rain and my formerly coiffed hair had coiled into a growing cascade of ramen noodles— I didn’t care because before me was something so magical it took my breath away. While I wasn’t a gardener when I entered that mossy pathway, from that day forward I knew I wanted to create, grow and nurture a garden of my own for friends and family to enjoy.”

As my obsession grew, earning me the nickname ‘GardenFreak’, so did my ideas on how to make gardening more fun, functional and yes, fashionable. Whether tripping on my way to the compost bin or down on all fours in the dirt, our garden became not only the backdrop to a wonderful family life, but also a laboratory for innovation.

“GardenFreak’s motto expresses a heartfelt wish to have more people abandon their “I-don’t-have-a-green-thumb fears” and try their hand at gardening.  If I could do it so can you!  I’m excited to share The GardenFreak Collection of apparel and accessories that celebrate a new gardening attitude— one that is sassy, bold and unafraid. So whether your canvas is a big backyard or an itty-bitty balcony, I encourage you to go for it—garden fearlessly. I promise you’ll be glad you did!”