Kilian Hennessy Launches First Bath & Body Collection For Summer


Kilian Hennessy has announced its first Bath & Body Collection for five of its iconic scents: LOVE, DON’T BE SHY – STRAIGHT TO HEAVEN, WHITE CRISTAL – MOONLIGHT IN HEAVEN – GOOD GIRL GONE BAD – INTOXICATED. This is a new chapter for the brand in its quest towards perfecting perfume as art, by further perfecting the art of perfuming. Following several years of fastidious development, a shower gel and body lotion have been custom-formulated with uncompromising respect for the quality and integrity of each fragrance blend.

Based on the principle that luxury lasts and should convey a sense of tactile permanence—KILIAN has crafted a sleek and stylized vessel for the bath and body refills.  Just in time for summer—from May 2018, a limited edition hair and body oil is available in each of the five scents. Formulated upon a base of apricot kernel oil, renowned for its superb antioxidant properties, this oil is at once protective, nourishing and revitalizing for bodies that plan to meet the summer sun well-scented.

The Body Pleasures Collection’s shower gel and body lotion rewrite the rules for scented bath and body products at large—the fragrance is true to itself, and when shower gel, body lotion and perfume are used in a three-part layering ritual, the perfume trail is profound, prolonged and absolutely perfect. The shower gel is the first layer, with its light yet effective lathering. Then, the hydrating body lotion contains an exceptionally high quantity of enriching shea butter; nevertheless, it applies with exquisite delicacy, is rapidly absorbed and blends with the skin for a silken, sheer sensation.

Also high in Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid, the velvety body lotion possesses both soothing and protective properties. Through each gesture, the subtle structure of the perfume is intensified along with the essential impact of its olfactive message. “When you put perfume on,” reflects Kilian Hennessy (below) on the symbolism of this singular motif, “I find you almost want it to function like a shield, a second skin to serve as a stamp between the body and the exterior, between me and the rest of the world.”  The KILIAN Bath & Body Collection is a new adventure in the elaboration of the modern perfuming ritual. Scent meets skin, now in multiple forms, with the art of perfume always in perfect frame.

  • photo by Rankin