Wrappily is a sustainable women-owned wrapping paper company with products made in America. Wrappily uses old local newspaper printing presses to create the gift wrap. Sarah Smith, founder of Wrappily wants to help people become more environmentally conscious by making small simple swaps, like eco-friendly wrapping paper. Most wrapping paper cannot be recycled because it’s dyed, laminated, or contains non-paper additives. Americans use 4.6 million pounds of wrapping paper per year, half will end up in landfills.  Sarah shares her Five Top Tips for wrapping the perfect gift this holiday season.
1. Double-sided tape is the absolute standard for professional-looking gifts, do not skimp here. Listen, a beautiful wrapping marred by splotches of plastic tape just isn’t it. Hiding the adhesive elevates gift wrapping at any level.
2. Backfold every cut edge so your lines are clean and jagged cuts are hidden. Again, super important!
3. Reversible patterns are another secret weapon, coordinating prints can be used together in countless ways for contrast on one box, and look extra impressive stacked in multi-boxed gifts.
4. Think of layers… layers of colors, patterns, and especially textures. Texture is a secret to eye-grabbing gifts, between your wrapping elements of paper, ribbons, bows, toppers, and tags look for ways to add contrasting layers of shiny, crinkly, soft and fuzzy, matte, fresh vs. dried (as in sprigs of greens or flowers), rough, smooth. There are so many ways to play this and it will always add visual interest to the finished look.
5. Add an element of surprise for maximum impact. Instead of a boring old box, wrap your gift item in an unexpected vessel like a tin, something upcycled from the thrift store, or odd-shaped repurposed packaging. Go bigger by completely disguising the gift item to look like something else entirely, or keep it simple with a big statement bow and unexpected gift topper (we will stick just about anything on the top of a gift!)
Renewable newsprint is an answer to the tons of trash generated by wrapping paper. All of the wrapping paper at Wrappily is reversible with complimentary prints. Available is available on Wrappily.com, World Market, Whole Foods, and stores nationwide.