Located in one of New York’s poshest zip codes on 54th street between Madison and 5th Avenue sits Salon AKS, tousling some of the chicest strands in Manhattan. KDHampton’s NYC contributor, Brittany Eger experienced the salon’s newest treatment using methods and products from Parisian haircare brand, PHYTO. Brittany’s session focused on hydration for both the scalp and hair. Check out a video from the appointment HERE.

Upon check-in, guests are guided to a station where an attendant provides a Salon AKS wrap-around robe to wear throughout the appointment—a much more elevated feel than a traditional black cape at most salons.

The PHYTO treatment begins in the washroom of the salon where clients discuss their hair concerns and needs with a stylist. Based on this consultation, a personalized botanical treatment process is created using tailored products from the PHYTO collection. All treatments no matter their focus area start with a 7-minute scalp massage (yes please!) to purify and rebalance the scalp.

Next, a hair treatment is applied using an oil from the PHYTO collection for 10 minutes. This is a key part of the process that provides hydration, nutrition, fortification and shine. The hair treatment is followed by a deep cleanse shampoo and ultra-hydrating hair mask to condition for 7 minutes.

For the final step, a nourishing leave-in treatment is applied followed by a luxurious blowout to create the ultimate hair transformation full of health and SHINE like you won’t believe. The results? Be prepared to get compliments for days—even after a couple of washes following the appointment, Brittany’s hair still held a noticeable silky-smooth texture.

The best part: most PHYTO products can be used at home, so you can continue giving your roots that beautiful glow in-between salon appointments. The PHYTOJOBA Moisturizing Shampoo and PHYTOJOBA Moisturizing Mask are available for purchase and are must-haves in your shower.

Overall, this treatment is the perfect excuse to get pampered with visible results. Warning: you might fall asleep during the generous scalp massages and will be blown away by the end transformation. The talented @sadahsaltzman styled Brittany’s hair and KDHamptons recommends booking Sadah for any upcoming events in the city. Watch Brittany’s reel on @KDHamptons to see the PHYTO treatment process and final look. You can book your PHYTO treatment at Salon AKS by visiting Follow @phytousa & @salonaks on Instagram.

Final results: Camera ready!