Expectations By Paulette Tavormina

Winston Wächter Fine Art, New York is excited to announce Fiori del Giardino, a collection of photographs by Paulette Tavormina. Through these strikingly detailed still life compositions, the artist reflects on moments of fleeting beauty in nature. With a clear nod to Old Master still-life painting, Tavormina’s works are deeply personal interpretations of timeless, universal stories and speak to her own family history and lived experience. KDHamptons has more details on the stunning art exhibit below…

Dutch Tulips and Goldfish by  Paulette Tavormina
Tavormina’s photographs capture theatrically lit flora, fauna, and foods. Her subjects are perfectly imperfect, and their relationships with one another create meaningful vignettes. Dutch Tulips and Goldfish, pictured above, is a cheerfully abundant composition depicting quintessentially Dutch flowers arranged organically in a glass bowl. A pair of fritillaria droop sweetly over the edge of the vase, just above two goldfish swimming together companionably. Most of the fruits and flowers in these works have been grown in the artist’s own garden and hold personal significance for Tavormina. Dahlias and peonies pay homage to past generations of her family who were avid gardeners, and the figs were grown from a cutting of her grandfather’s Sicilian fig tree. These and other tributes abound in the works, and through close looking, viewers can also find their own secret messages.

Blue Hydrangeas & Yellow Canaries by Paulette Tavormina

Paulette Tavormina has long been drawn to the “Golden Age” of still-life painting and artists like, Giovanna Garzoni, Francesco de Zurbarán, and Adriaen Coorte. She is particularly fascinated by Zurbarán’s mysterious use of dramatic light, Garzoni’s masterful compositions and color palette, and Coorte’s unique placement of objects. These artists of the 17th century witnessed an explosion of interest in the natural world through increased global trade in Europe. They incorporated shells, insects, exotic fruits, and flowers found abroad alongside Venetian glass and Chinese porcelain. The works spoke to universal themes as relevant then as now: the fragility of life and love, fleeting beauty and tempus fugit, the swift passage of time.

Quince & the Ladybugs by  Paulette Tavormina

In creating her images, Tavormina often works against time, as newly plucked flowers begin to droop, fruit begins to rot, and the fleeting moment of perfectly arranged beauty passes. Insects are found throughout the works, hovering over flower petals or crawling over fruits, serving as a reminder of the interconnectedness and elegance in the natural world, even on the edge of decay. Beauty is ephemeral and difficult to find, and its human nature to seek it out. In Fiori del Giardino, Tavormina captures elements from nature, which is often wild, organic, and messy and elevates them into elegant compositions, capturing every intricate detail of an extraordinary moment in time.

Paulette Tavormina most recently paired with Gucci on their “Alchemist’s Garden” fragrance collection. She has photographed works of art for Sotheby’s, fragrances for GOOP, and recipes for The Del Posto Cookbook (Hachette) with chef, Mark Ladner. She has been commissioned by National Geographic Magazine and The New York Times, among others. Previously, Tavormina was a prop and food stylist in Hollywood, her work seen on the silver screen in seven films such as Nixon, The Astronaut’s Wife and The Perfect Storm. Tavormina is a recipient of the Pollock-Krasner Foundation grant. Her monograph, Paulette Tavormina: Seizing Beauty (Monacelli Press, 2016) was reviewed by The New York Times and Architectural Digest. Tavormina’s photographs are held in museum, corporate and private collections and have been exhibited in Paris, London, Moscow, Lugano, Madrid, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Palm Beach, Boston, Palm Desert and San Francisco.

The exhibition at Winston Wächter Fine Art will be Paulette Tavormina’s first solo exhibition with the gallery. The exhibition will begin with an opening reception on November 16th and will run through January 6th, 2024. You can view the full exhibition HERE or visit it in person at Winston Wächter Fine Art at 530 W 25th St, New York, NY 10001.

Written by Nicole Vawter

Images: Paulette Tavormina