Wölffer Estate Announces Limited-Edition Brandy


Wölffer Estate announces Roman Roth’s newest creation: an exclusive, limited-edition Brandy. “This is the perfect way to to close out our 30th year, the new brandy – the most prestigious distilled spirit,” shares Roth. “This special, barrel aged Brandy has been carefully distilled using only our best Chardonnay, a combination of clones Dijon 76 and Davis 4, that produce a vibrant, elegant Chardonnay ideal for this project.”

Why Brandy?
– Chardonnay is one of Roman’s most prized and mastered grapes
– Used to produce the esteemed Perle Chardonnay & Diosa Late-Harvest Ice Wine
– Its neutral flavor also enables Roman to use high-quality Chardonnay as the base for his creative projects. Since 2015, Roman has been secretly distilling Chardonnay to make this limited-edition Brandy, displaying his mastery of the grape and the distilling process.

Wölffer Estate Brandy is well integrated and intense with classic aromas and an unbelievably smooth finish. Aged for a minimum of 3 years in a combination of Hungarian Oak and Ermitage Cognac barrels, there is a wonderful combination of sweet toast, fine spice and focused oak and fruit unique to the Estate.

The Brandy is available now for pre-order, but available only for pick-up at the Estate beginning December 15. This product will not ship. Pre-order this exclusive spirit now- only 600 bottles made!