What's In Store: KDHamptons TOP TEN Gifts From Kitty Clay


Kitty Clay
Over the weekend, KDHamptons popped in to KITTY CLAY at 27 West Main Street in Southampton. Kitty Clay is one of my favorite interiors boutique featuring antiques, fine jewelry, artwork and “smalls” for the home and beyond. The shop, tucked away down the brick path off Main Street, is housed in a cozy and charming cottage and features merchandise sourced from around the world. Kitty Clay is filled with a variety of interesting objects, made with integrity, including artist-made furniture, sculpture, art, textiles and accessories.  Here’s my TEN favorite [and affordable] items in store now that will make the perfect gift for someone special in your life this holiday season…

Kitty Clay sageSAGE: For centuries sage has been burned all over the world to cleanse and rid oneself of negative energy. In Native American culture the practice of burning sage or “smudging” is one of the oldest methods of purifying a person, group of people or place. Our sage bundles come from Arizona and sell for $10. They make the perfect gift for a new homeowner.

Kitty Clay

TEA BY TEALOSOPHY: Kitty Clay features an incredible line of tea handcrafted from Argentinian tea maker Ines Burton. Her brand, Tealosophy, has had the honor or creating specialized tea for the Dalai Lama and Madonna, to name a few! Tea is an experience – and Ines’ ingredients are the highest quality as she travels all over the world to source them. We carry a unique “Kitty Clay” blend made of violets, rose petals, French lavender, Patagonian berries and Mediterranean citrus. Perfect to warm up with on a chilly evening. $25 for a large bag.


CERAMICS BY REYNOLDSWARE: This wonderful line of functional ceramics is by London based potter Daniel Reynolds.  His pieces are molded from vegetables and fruits, and make wonderful little vases and bowls.  A whimsical gift for the foodie in your life.  Prices range from $150 to $650.

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FOOD DOMES FROM ITALY: Without a doubt, one of Kitty’s best sellers are these food domes from Italy! They come in either taupe or ivory and in three different sizes – perfect for any outdoor entertaining! $68 for the pie dome, $78 for the medium dome, and $88 for the large.

Kitty ClayBEES WRAP: This is a really great product not only for the kitchen, but for the environment and our health too! Bees Wrap is a sustainable food storage company based in Vermont that makes reusable products that keep food fresher, longer. The wrap is made by infusing organic cotton with beeswax, organic jojoba oil and tree resin. It is washable as well as compostable, making it a great alternative to plastic wrap. It smells wonderful too. $15 for the bread and sandwich wrap and $18 for a set of three sizes.

Kitty ClayBASKETS FROM SOUTH AFRICA: Suzanne & Zondi is a company from South Africa that creates intricately handwoven baskets by five women who belong to the Xhosa tribe in the Eastern Cape. These talented women work as one to produce unique baskets made of grasses and reeds and stunning bright beadwork. No two baskets are the same. The wonderful thing about this company is that the proceeds are directly helping support the Xhosa communities. Kitty Clay carries three sizes – the small is $250, medium $350 and large is $550. They make an absolutely stunning gift that will not be found anywhere else!

Kitty ClaySHEEPSKINS: Who isn’t a big fan of sheepskins, especially this time of the year?  Kitty Clay sources theirs from the historic Imperial Stock Ranch in Oregon, founded in 1871. The ranch is family owned and operated, and proudly sustainable, both in their products and philosophy, which strives to promote wildlife restoration and preservation. The sheepskins come in a fine shearling ($160) as well as a more robust buckskin ($180), both in a variety of chic colors.

Kitty ClaySTACKING VESSELS: These incredible glass pieces called “stacking vessels” are made by Utopia & Utility, a company founded by siblings Pia and Mortiz Wüstenberg in 2012. The vessels come in either two or three pieces, each with a unique colored glass, handblown in Germany. Elements such as copper or brass make up the base, while the top is crafted from carved wood to fit the glass. These pieces can come apart to be used as vases or bowls, or stay as one stunning entity. Colors and sizes range – prices from $200 to $1800.

Kitty ClayHAND & GUEST TOWELS FROM PORTUGAL: These lovely hand and guest towels are made of linen. Each handmade in Portugal, they come in either a monogram or a small selection of symbols. Prices are very reasonable – $25 for a monogrammed guest towel.


MYSTIC NECKLACES FROM AUSTRALIA: These necklaces called “mystics” are made in Byron Bay, Australia with beautiful gemstones and brass chains. Stones range from vintage jade to carnelian and rose quartz. Small motifs adorn the stones – butterflies, seashells, dragonflies and more! Prices range from $80 to $280.

KITTY CLAY HOURS: Open everyday except Tuesday & Wednesday, from 11am to 6pm, and on Sunday’s from 11am to 5pm. Phone: 631. 488. 4411; shop@kittyclay.com

Kitty Clay