Want A Sweet New Ride? Check Out The Dylan's Candy Bar Baby Stroller: Kids Won't Cry In This Candy Carriage!

Dylan Lauren has been dubbed "The Candy Queen!"
Stroll over to Dylan's Candy Bar in Easthampton for a sweet treat!
Limited-Edition Dylan’s Candy Bar Maclaren Stroller
Looks good enough to eat!


Who says baby weight can’t come off when surrounded by candy? Dylan Lauren, the fairy princess of Candyland and creator of Dylan’s Candy Bar, has created the ultimate baby buggy for “the mom who is stylish, a candy lover and a child at heart.”

Maclaren, whose gold standard safety features and impeccable simple design, collaborated with the stylish Candynista to transform their simple black stroller into a rainbow hued confection. In addition to the striped hood, colorful seat and candy-print rain cover, the five-point harness, washable seat, compact umbrella fold, foot-operated brakes, shopping basket, high-performance aluminum frame, and water-resistant hood make the stroller a delight for those long walks with sweet baby.  Dylan muses, “even if it’s raining the candy rain/wind shield has a fun candy pattern to keep the baby smiling and distracted. And the Dylan’s Candy Bar stripes go perfect with any outfit!”

Dylan’s mantra? “Candy is a lifestyle, and I get a sugar rush every time I can give the customer a taste of it with fun products.”

*Limited-Edition Dylan’s Candy Bar Maclaren Stroller is available at Dylan’s Candy Bar in East Hampton and Dylanscandybar.com, $150