KDH Family Fun: See The Winning Sandcastle Of The Clamshell Foundation Sand Art Contest!

Polar Bears – 1st Place Professional
The Hampton Hippo won 1st Place Sand Tribes
Heads or Tails won 1st Place Sand Shapers (Adults),
Recycle Train won 1st Place Sand Fleas (Up to 8)
MerDog was for Best Overall Winner
A Great White Land Shark, Be careful, he bites!



A perfect starfish, intricately decorated with sea shells.
A fantastic sea shell represented The Clamshell Foundation itself
The very definition of Sand Art. This creation was a fan favorite.
This intricate citadel was hard work, but definitely worth it
A castle fit for kings.... of the contest that is
This sandcastle crew was all smiles after hearing their dragon had won


The chance of rain threatening the fun at the 20th Annual Clamshell Foundation Sandcastle Contest on Saturday, August 6, 2011, did not stop these dedicated castle crews. Families and friends flocked to Atlantic Avenue Beach in Amagansett to cheer on and participate in the tradition of sand art. With up to six people per team and five different age groups there was no shortage on talent, or winners!

The money raised through registration fees, sale of the tee-shirts, merchandise and other donations all went to helping a variety of charitable causes promoted and assisted by The Clamshell Foundation. The Clamshell Foundation was started in 1991, by founder and CEO Rossetti Perchik, to “enrich the lives of others by fostering education in health, cultural, and environmental fields of endeavor”

The annual contest was a big success once again and not only gave trophies to the winners, but excitement to spectators, and proceeds to a great cause.

*For more information of The Clamshell Foundation Visit www.clamshellfoundation.org