KDH Feast End Exclusive: The Plaza Cafe Shares The Recipe For Tuna & Crab Tian With Yuzu Vinaigrette! So Good!!




Wish you could serve your favorite summer restaurant dish at home? KDHamptons craves the Tuna and Crab Tian from The Plaza Cafe in Southampton. Joanne Starkeyi of the New York Times says this is the “season’s best East End restaurant….its food makes it a standout.” This American cuisine, focused on the local seafood of the Hamptons is a favorite haunt of Hamptons foodies.

KDHamptons was able to snag the recipe of our favorite dish at The Plaza Cafe: The Tuna and Crab Tian with Yuzu Vinaigrette.  Here’s how to make it:

Preparation Instructions:

To make the Avocado Puree:

avocado’s, ripe 3 ea.

jalapeno, minced 1 ea.

red onion, minced 1T

cilantro, chopped 2T bunch

limes, juice of 3-4 each

olive oil 2-3 T

1. combine all ingredients in a mortar and pestle (or bowl) and mash until well combined; adjust seasoning with salt and pepper


To make the Tuna Tartar:

tuna, sushi grade, minced 8 ozs.

cucumbers, peeled, minced 2T

scallions, minced 2T

ginger, grated 1T

mirin 1tsp.

sesame oil dash

1. lightly combine all ingredients in a bowl and adjust seasoning with salt and pepper


To make the Crab Ceviche:

crabmeat, jumbo lump ½ pound

red pepper, minced 1T

red onion, minced 1T

scallion, minced 1T

garlic, minced 1/2 T

lemon, juice of 1T

siracha sauce 1 tsp.

1. lightly combine all ingredients without breaking up crabmeat and adjust seasonings with salt and pepper


To make the Yuzu Vinaigrette:

yuzu juice ¼ C

shallots, minced 1 tsp.

jalopeno, minced ½ T

olive oil, extra virgin 6T

1. In Vita Prep or blender combine first three ingredients and then emulsify with olive oil



1. using  a 3’’ ring mold layer  portion avocado puree, tuna tartar and then crab ceviche in mold allocating 1/3 of capacity to each and gently pressing down on each layer with the back of a spoon.

2. remove ring mold very slowly

3. garnish top of presentation with some micro mizuna

4. right before service or at the table drizzle approximately 1-2 ounces of yuzu vinaigrette over entire presentation

Servings;  approx. 4

The Plaza Cafe is located at 61 Hill Street, Southampton; 631.283.9323