Be Sure to Vote on Tuesday, November 7th: Support Candidates Who Put Our Community First, Not Politics

The proposed site of The Hills in East Quogue

On this coming Tuesday, November 7th, we as voters in the great Town of Southampton have the ability to help shape the future of the East End. Please join me in a non-partisan effort to elect local candidates that will support the greatest, most advanced, environmentally protective and economic stimulating project that our area has ever seen − The Hills in East Quogue. Many Hamptonites have heard about this incredible new project proposed by Discovery Land Company, which will incorporate a Tom Fazio designed golf course, family-oriented club amenities, and 118 beautiful homes.

I will be voting to elect Stan Glinka and Thea Fry for Southampton Town Council who put the best interests of our local community first, not their own political agenda.

If The Hills is rejected, East Quogue faces the reality of another residential subdivision, adding children to the schools and more pollution to our ground water. We desperately need the long-term commitment of a developer like Discovery Land Company who supports our community and vows to protect, and enhance, our natural resources.

Whether you are registered Democrat, Republican, Conservative, Independence, Liberal, or whatever…vote for the person, not the party. Vote for the people who will do the right thing for their community. Please be a part of shaping the future by supporting a project in which everyone wins. Polling places are typically at your local fire house, but it varies depending on where you are. Click HERE to find the poll nearest you.

Want to know more about The Hills project? Below is my support letter which was shared in the latest Southampton Press, as well as one written by my husband, Dr. Mark Kot of Southampton Urgent Medical Care. See you at the voting polls tomorrow!


I am writing to express my support of Discovery Land Company and its proposed project, The Hills in East Quogue. I live in Water Mill with my husband, Dr. Mark Kot of Southampton Urgent Medical Care, and also have a cottage in Hampton Bays. Having attended all of the public meetings to learn about The Hills project, I find it jaw-dropping that anyone who has the best interests of this community would not support this project.

Councilwoman Lofstad and Councilman Bouvier recently stated that they would not vote to accept the findings of the professionals and independent consultants that the town appointed, yet provided no explanation for their negative stance. Concerns about the aquifer were mentioned, yet three scientific reports have now stated that The Hills is the better option to be built vs. the planned subdivision alternative. Voting against the option that science says is best makes no sense to me.

What does make sense to me are the fundamental trademarks of Discovery Land Company properties which are inspired by the natural environment and traditions of the locale, an enduring love of nature, and a desire to create intimate communities where families forge lasting memories. To me, that is what the Hamptons is all about. Through spending a great deal of time with Discovery Land Company founder Mike Meldman, his son Hunter, and the rest of the dedicated local Discovery team, I have seen a common thread of pride everyone takes in their work, and a genuine authenticity towards wanting to give back to the East End.

The Hills project would deliver an unprecedented boost to our community, including 100 new full-time jobs. All of the beneficent commitments that Mike Meldman has thoughtfully carved out are based on what is REALLY needed here locally and can’t be enumerated enough, including: Over $1.5M in water quality improvements, land donated for a new Suffolk County Water Authority well, over $700K in infrastructure improvements to downtown East Quogue, and $1M in benefits to the East Quogue School. Imagine what that amount could do to improve the lives & education of the children? If The Hills project is not approved, these incredible community benefits and investments will be lost. The best interest of the children should be put first here.

I am the self-employed publisher of the popular Hamptons lifestyle website, which showcases what makes our community so special. Many of my readers have expressed frustration to me regarding The Hills not being approved yet. I appeal to all East Enders to please remember that when the public good is served by private development, then everyone benefits.

Kelli Delaney Kot


To the Southampton Town Board,

I am writing to express my support of Discovery Land Company and its proposed seasonal residential project The Hills in East Quogue. Since its inception in 1994, Discovery Land Company has built 20 environmentally conscious and sensitive private communities. The founder Michael Meldman and his partners developed these projects with a “focus on family” philosophy which I identify with as the solo practitioner at Southampton Urgent Medical Care.  As an East End resident since 1990 I have given careful consideration to The Hills proposal vs. the As of Right alternative residential subdivision.  It is imperative that the Southampton Town Board approve The Hills project for a variety of reasons, including:

1. The Hills development will preserve 424 acres out of a total of 591 acres or almost 72% of the land, and 95% will be kept as open space.

2. The Hills will generate over 100 new full-time jobs for local residents.

3. The Hills will provide $1M in benefits to the East Quogue School system, including much needed scholarships.  As a seasonal resort, owners at The Hills will not be enrolling children into the system.

4. The Hills will generate about double the amount of tax revenue than the subdivision, while reducing taxes for all East Quogue residents.

5. The Hills will donate $1M to help local residents to upgrade their home septic systems, thereby reducing nitrogen in our waters.  In addition, a state of the art sewage treatment facility will be installed at The Hills property.

6. The local economy and businesses will benefit through patronage by owners at The Hills.

7. The Hills has also allocated funds to support various local organizations with an emphasis on environmental initiatives, fundraisers, and community activities.

Lastly, the As of Right alternative residential subdivision will yield 147 homes with no residency restrictions. Only “standard” septic systems will be required, and no fertilizer limits will be deployed.  Alternatively, The Hills will be highly regulated, implementing strict guidelines for fertilizer and chemicals.

Mark R. Kot, M.D.
Southampton Urgent Medical Care