Smell Like Summer All Year Long: Hampton Sun Launches New Scent Collection


The privet hedges that famously surround the properties of the Hamptons bloom but once a year – in the early summer. Hampton Sun was able to capture that alluring fragrance and now is offering the escape to the Hamptons and summertime for your home all year round as it launches its Privet Bloom Collection.

Inspired by the natural elegance of the serene beaches of Eastern Long Island. The sophisticated lifestyle of the Hamptons community met with the breathtaking beauty of the shore. Hampton Suns signature scent, Privet Bloom encompasses the essence of nature’s beauty and transcends
the seasons – with touches of White Hyacinth, Lily of the Valley and Jasmine making it
the perfect fragrance all year round.

Hampton Sun launches its Privet Bloom collection June 2018 with an array of specialty
fragrance and home products including:

Privet Bloom Shower Gel: $24

Privet Bloom Shower Gel: Experience the freshness of the Privet Blossom. This
moisturizing and nourishing shower gel enriched with an antioxidant complex offers
brightening and soothing agents that exfoliates and repairs the skin, leaving it smoother
and softer. Paired with a supple texture and the lasting, calming refreshing scent of
Privet Bloom.

Privet Bloom Lotion: $32

Privet Bloom Lotion: Enjoy this luxurious silky soft texture with natural Aloe Vera
extracts for supple skin, finished with the divine and refreshing scent of Privet Bloom.
This moisturizing, antioxidant rich and nourishing formula offers brightening, soothing,
firming and toning of the skin leaving you feeling hydrated and smooth to the touch.

Privet Collection Candle: $48

Privet Bloom Candle: Transport yourself to a summer day with the ocean breeze
blowing through the privet blossom hedges, passing the soft white flowing curtains and
in to your home. With a natural soy wax blend and cotton wick, this soothing scent of
the Hamptons will bring you there, no matter the time, day or place.

Privet Bloom Reed Diffuser: Naturally elegant, timeless-–enrich your atmosphere with
the essence of a summer day in the Hamptons. A flameless way to indulge in the
continuously radiating fragrance of Privet Bloom. Presented in a chic sophisticated
glass bottle with natural rattan reeds will assure that whether placed in a guest room or
given as a gift this piece of the Hamptons will certainly be loved.

Privet Bloom Room Spray: $42

Privet Bloom Room Spray: Set the mood and create a pleasurable ambiance in an
instant. The desirable signature scent, Privet Bloom, originally created as a personal
fragrance can now fill your home. Spritz throughout your home and be taken to a
summer day in the Hamptons with the heavenly bouquet of the privet blossom.

— by Amanda Summers