SIX TOP TIPS To Get You In The Mood For Valentine's Day

Hamptons love gurus Carly and Janis Spindel

Valentine’s Day should be the most special date of the year for lovers − but hey, no pressure!  If you’re looking for a little advice in the love department, check out these top Valentine’s Day tips from legendary mother/daughter matchmaking icons Janis and Carly Spindel who are responsible for over 3,000 marriages. We like those numbers!

KDHamptons: Do you think girls should offer to plan the Valentine’s Day date?

Janis: That would depend on how long they are in the relationship . Honestly it’s a biggie for women so the man should totally take charge and plan the night.
Carly: I think if you’re in an exclusive relationship, it’s the woman’s job to be stereotypical and wear something sexy and cook a dinner. If you’re not yet in an exclusive relationship, it’s the mans job to plan something romantic.

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KDHamptons: Are chocolates and flowers corny? Should women give them to men too?

Janis: Chocolates and flowers are never corny, they are very thoughtful and put a smile on any woman’s face anytime they are received.
Carly: Women expect chocolates, flowers, and something cuddly for Valentine’s Day. Men don’t.

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KDHamptons: What is the perfect Valentine’s Day outfit?

Janis: Ladies should look feminine and sexy, depending on where you are going and what you are doing. As long as you feel good and feel that you look good and exuding confidence that’s what matters. It’s always better to be over dressed than underdressed.
Carly: The perfect V-Day outfit is something that makes you feel great. When you feel fabulous, you’ll have a great time wherever you are.  I would suggest something a little unique and sexy that way you feel spicier than a normal date night.

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KDHamptons: What do these colors of lingerie say about the girl: Red, White, or Black?

Janis: Red is confident, vivacious and sexy. Sure if yourself. White is boring but clean and angelic, yet bride-like and feminine. Black is just always sexy and great.
Carly: Red – sensuous, spicy, fun, flirtatious ; White – innocent, ethereal, good girl type; Black – classic, sexy, elegant

KDHamptons: Is Valentine’s night the perfect time for the “first time”?

Janis: Of course! you’ll never forget that date (:
Carly: The first time should be anytime that feels right to you

KDHamptons; Suggestions for singles to do on Valentine’s Day?

Janis: Have a party and tell all your single friend they have to bring a member of the opposite sex. This way you will not be alone and have a great opportunity to meet all new single people. You never know if the “one” will be coming for you.
Carly: Plan a fun dinner out at a restaurant that isn’t too romantic. If you’d rather stay in, have a potluck dinner. Get some great wine and have everyone bring a delicious dish!

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