Photographer Leila Jeffries Exhibits Exotic Wildlife Works In New Salon Series


“I was walking down 5th Ave one evening and in the window of Bergdorfs was the most magical display of a photographers work with brightly festooned mannequins I had ever seen,” shares Carole Reed. “Searching up the artist immediatley I suddenly found myself obsessed by these bird portraits on Instagram, then they appeared behind the shoulder of Brooke Shields in a recent InStyle shoot, it seemed they were everywhere. As both a curator and interior designer I adore the clean graphic quality of her work while also appreciating the memorable emotional charge her subjects emit to their viewers.”

Reed adds, “I rung up the gallery and asked if I could host and evening with Leila as part of our Parisian Salon/Gertrude Stein inspired series of artist in residence where fellow artists and collectors throw a Salon to encourage critique and discussion among fellow artists of the East End.”

A conservationist and world traveller, Fine Art Photographer Leila Jeffries grew up in Perth, Australia. She experienced all the boundless travel and exposure to exotic wildlife required for an artist with her particular level of visual acuity. Among the many celebrities the world over, who have taken her under their wing, Jonathan Adler in 2010, smartly featured the work of this emerging artist in 20 North American stores.

Jeffries brings into the studio what birdwatchers have longed for the world over, a chance to uncover from the shadows of flora and fauna the magnificence of the fleeting moment of flight frozen in time. What is so immersive about these monumental portraits of the most peculiar species, is the depth of detail her lens captures and the stillness allowed for the human eye to marvel at the layers of feathered fabrication of these Ornithologists delights.

“In a continuing series of Salons we welcome Leila to Southampton, Friday July 27th in a unique private showing for collectors supporting our initiative to raise awareness for women artists on the eve of the 25th Annual Watermill Center Summer Benefit & Auction.”

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