Original Handmade Artworks by Artist Andy Blank


The current marketplace for online contemporary art often lands you on sites selling mass produced art prints and printed canvases along with tapestries, coffee mugs and throw pillows. Alternatively, you have sites with over +20,000 artworks ranging from old masters or modern abstract, which are often low quality and can get quite pricey. Enter Andy Blank – a New York based artist (above) who creates original, handmade artworks, in limited quantities, and in various forms: photography, painting, drawing, embossing, among others.

Every piece is handmade by real people and comes with hanging equipment and instructions. There is real paint on every board and no printed canvases. All materials used are museum grade and equivalent to any art gallery you might enter. From the paint to the screen-printing, the frames to the packaging, each Andy Blank piece has been made with 100% U.S. sourced materials by local craftsmen. Shipping is free throughout the U.S. and unframed photographic prints are now shipping internationally.