NEW KDHamptons Travel Diary: Shellie Goldstein Gets Rooted In Israel



During the chilly winter season, KDHamptons loves to receive travel diaries from our favorite East Enders who are busy globe-trotting from the Caribbean to the Dead Sea, where Shellie Goldstein [above, left], cosmetic acupuncture expert and face whisperer to the stars, recently floated for the first time.  Check out Shellie’s awesome adventure below, and be sure to put your best face forward in 2017 by trying one of her magical facials at A. Studio Spa in East Hampton.

Shellie Goldstein

KDHamptons: What inspired you to travel to Israel?
Shellie Goldstein:  I wanted a meaningful, life-changing experience. As a Jewish woman living in the United States, I wanted to visit the roots of my religious homeland. There is so much history for so many religions there…

KDHamptons: Did you stay in one place, or pop around?
Shellie Goldstein: We stayed in a private apartment in Jerusalem. The Dan Hotel in Elait, and  another private apartment in Tel Aviv.  I loved sitting on the outside balconies of our accommodations in Eliat and Tel Aviv overlooking the sea…. (Red Sea in Eliat & Mediterranean Sea in Tel Aviv).


KDHamptons: What was the biggest cultural difference you noticed?
Shellie Goldstein: In Jerusalem, seeing Jewish people from all over the world living freely as religious Jews. Practicing Hasidic young men in religious garb playing in the park and praying in the public places. Young women walking in the street dressed religiously appropriate. No one batted an eye. It was just another normal day.

Guards everywhere

KDHamptons: What surprised you the most about Israel?
Shellie Goldstein: The presence of barbed wire and armed soldiers is really nothing new, but nonetheless a bit jarring. Border patrols and young men and women in military uniform offer a daily reminder that life is precarious and sacred. The pride of being an Israeli, living in a country surrounded by people that don’t like them, and the commitment of the Israeli people to protect their country blew me away.

Wailing Wall

KDHamptons: What are three tourtisty things travelers should not miss?
Shellie Goldstein: Okay, here goes…

1.  In Jerusalem- start the day with a visit to the open-air Machane Yehuda market. Next swing through the Old City as you make your way to the underground tour and Wailing Wall. Take high tea (or a cocktail) and a bite on the outside terrace of the King David hotel with its exquisite view of Jerusalem.

2. Tel Aviv- Anywhere, any time, day or night. Start your day by wandering through the streets of Jaffa. Stop for lunch at Manta Ray (between Jaffa and Tel Aviv) for great local food and a stunning view of the Mediterranean. Tour the neighborhood of Neve Tzedek (undoubtedly one of the most beautiful areas in Tel Aviv). An afternoon dip and a walk on the Tel Aviv beach of your choice (I like Hilton and Gordon beaches). Home for a nap, then get ready for an evening of nightlife and dining.

3.  A day tour to Masada (where Jews tried to fend off the ancient Romans) and a dip in the Dead sea (saltiest body of water on earth and the lowest elevation on the surface of the planet). You can’t actually swim in the Dead Sea. The salty waters mean that you just float.

Dunking in the Dead Sea

KDHamptons: Like many Hamptonites, you are a foodie!  Did you enjoy the Israeli cuisine? Shellie Goldstein: I actually loved the breakfast buffet in Eliat, casual lunches on the beach, and the promenade along the wharf in Tel Aviv is loaded with great restaurants. We found small hidden restaurants with local fare and great Israeli wine in Jerusalem as well. Who knew how much I love falafels. In Tel Aviv my favorite restaurant was Manta Ray. Fresh, typically Israeli dishes, great wine, great service, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Spice Market

Shellie Goldstein is the author of Your Best Face Now: Look Younger in 20 Days with the Do-It-Yourself Acupressure Facelift.  For more information about Shellie Goldstein Associates; locations in Manhattan and the Hamptons; 212-388-0800 go to