KDHamptons Travel Diary: Esther Altomare Hits the Slopes of Stowe Vermont!




After an incredible summer working as an intern for KDHamptons, come late August it was time for me to head back up to Hobart and William Smith College for my senior year. After a great, often arduous fall semester I was ready to get back to Southampton for winter break. With a whopping six and a half weeks off, it doesn’t take long for the comforts of home in the Hamptons to seem utterly boring.


KDHamptons amazing interns Esther Altomare and Marie Goldstein!



For as exciting and chic summer in the Hamptons is, the winter months that bring pitch-black skies by 4pm tend to drag on for me.  Restless and itching to get away I packed my bags and headed to my favorite winter destination, Stowe Vermont.



While the area holds historical significance among my family as my parents met skiing the mountain, the quaint Vermont town draws people from all over the world, looking to ski at one of the best mountains in the North East and explore the relaxed Vermont environment. While I was up there I was lucky enough to be a part of some record breaking December snow fall, bringing lots of powder and incredible conditions throughout my stay!





With 116 trails Stowe Mountain offers trails for all abilities.





Skiing not your thing? Not to worry there are many other activities in the area. A personal favorite is the Spa at Topnotch [below]. Consistently ranked as one of the Top 10 spas in the United States, Topnotch spa has been dubbed the “jewel of the mountain top.” With over 120 spa treatments. Check it out at Spa at Topnotch.



I also love checking venturing outside of the Mountain¬†resort. A childhood favorite, the Ben and Jerry’s factory store is still a must amongst my family. With ice cream making tours and free samples, Ben and Jerry’s is essential during any Stowe visit!




After an exhausting day of skiing I like to pop over to “the Horn” [The Matterhorn] for their decadent & delicious Lobster Macaroni and Cheese [below] by the fireplace. The Martini bar at “the Horn” is a favorite spot for late night partiers!



My favorite ski town, Stowe, Vermont provides excellent skiing within a beautiful Northeastern town. Check it out for yourself at http://www.stowe.com/