NEW KDHamptons Photo Diary: The Stunning Galerie House of Art and Design Showhouse

The spectacular kitchen designed by Bakes & Kropp

The inaugural Galerie House of Art and Design debuted last weekend in Sag Harbor. Unlike any other show house, this unique experience brought the pages of Galerie magazine to life by combining the best of the worlds of art and design all under one roof. “The Galerie House of Art and Design embodies our brand’s goal to Live Artfully. The concept of combining art and design into an immersive experience all in one magnificent home truly brings the editorial spirit of Galerie to life,” says Lisa Fayne Cohen, founder and editorial director of Galerie.

Galerie’s editorial team handpicked a group of uniquely talented designers from across the country to bring this vision to life. All known for their ability to incorporate high caliber art into livable spaces, these designers enlivened a classic, shingle style estate, situated on six lush acres including a pond, with their distinctive points of view.

“For the house, we selected designers who are celebrated for their ability to create extraordinary rooms that showcase exceptional collections of art,” says Jacqueline Terrebonne, editor in chief of Galerie. “We are so excited to see the spaces they design and how they incorporate work from today’s leading artists and galleries into their concepts.”

The esteemed roster includes design chair Nicole Fuller along with these designers and firms: Rayman Boozer, Billy Cotton, Mark Cunningham, Geoffrey De Sousa, Dwyer McIntosh Derrig, Benoist Drut, Elena Frampton, Elizabeth Gill, Josh Greene, Ellen Hamilton, Andre Hilton, Ike Kligerman Barkley, Katie Leede, Leroy Street Studio, Leyden Lewis, Jeff Lincoln, Richard Mishaan, Rocky Rochon, Alison Rose, Sara Story, as well as a custom kitchen designed by Bob Bakes of Bakes & Kropp Fine Cabinetry, and a breathtaking landscape design by Michael Derrig of Landscape Details.

Art will play a major component as well. A venerable list of blue-chip galleries, including Kasmin, Perrotin, and Tripoli, will collaborate with designers to curate their spaces with works by today’s leading artists. Additionally, several artists will create site- specific installations throughout the 12,500 square-foot house to add moments of surprise, wonder, and excitement.

“Sag Harbor is such a special place in the Hamptons, and we’re eager to bring together this ‘house of dreams’ where art and design intersect in such a fresh way,” says designer Nicole Fuller. “It’s like nothing we’ve ever seen or experienced before: Our A-list lineup of artists, galleries, designers, and artisans will transform this house into something new. It’s unchartered territory, and for creatives, they’re challenged in a way that gives them total freedom to have new ideas and be inspired in different ways.”

Proceeds from this year’s showhouse will benefit the construction of Stony Brook Southampton Hospital’s new emergency center in East Hampton. This much-needed medical facility will greatly influence the availability of medical care to the easternmost reaches of Long Island.

“Minutes matter when someone is having a heart attack or is suffering from an acute condition and getting to Stony Brook Southampton Hospital in summer traffic can take an hour or more,” says Mirella Cameran-Reilly, Southampton Hospital Foundation executive director. “That is why we are so delighted to be on the brink of building this much-needed facility in the heart of East Hampton. It will transform healthcare for this town and the surrounding areas including Montauk at the furthest point of Long Island.”

* Photos by Kelli Delaney Kot