Kelli Delaney Kot takes the wheel (sorta, ha!) with her bestie Laura Darrin.
The sea, the sun, the wind, and a small gathering of friends were the perfect combination for my unforgettable boating birthday party (IGTV video) this summer aboard the beautiful @yachtkelpie. Stunning Kelpie captain, Shannon Carleton, charted a course from Sag Habor to Shelter Island, gliding along the picturesque coastline of Mashomack Preserve where we anchored to enjoy a mouth watering menu prepared by Kelpie’s amazing catering partner @hamptonsaristocrat. Served with chic white gloves, we toasted @mionettoproseccousa Rosé and feasted on a chilled Lobster Boil, local Burrata & Heirloom Tomato Salad, and Old Bay grilled shrimp, to list the crowd faves. A few jaws dropped when my beautiful birthday cake designed by @sugar_rush_bake visionary Jeanne Pupura took center stern! Such a perfect day….“Work like a captain and play like a pirate.” 
A captain as pretty as her vessel.
Beautiful bites prepared by Kelpie’s catering partner, Hamptons Aristocrat.
Kelpie was completely restored in England in 2014. The 78.8ft schooner was entirely rebuilt, even reconfiguring the interior. Captain Shannon (above) shares, “What I noticed when I went to see her in Spain, was her interior.  It wasn’t traditional teak, but a more posh look.  Her interior is American Black Walnut, to honor her American heritage (she was built in Bristol, Maine). We had her cockpit table (at the helm (steering wheel)) made in Venice. A very worldly gal, Kepie is.”
“When I asked why they chose to contrast with bright, shiny white (not traditional with British style, where they were doing the restoration) they said it was because “Americans love a bright, white interior.”  When I asked why they chose hunter green for the leather upholstery, they said in thick, British tongue; “that’s English racing green, mate!  She’s one of the fastest schooners in the world with a trophy collection from the most elite Mediterranean regattas to prove it,” add the Captain.
Emmy Sammons and Anetta Nowosielska
 “I love old-world traditions; white glove service, fine food and wine.  The master cabin has a beautiful walnut vanity with cut crystal candlesticks and antique mirror (below).  I wanted to create a platform for ladies in particular to entertain on the water,”  Captain Shannon Carleton (at the helm further below). Visit to book your own unforgettable charter.
Kelli Delaney Kot
    Captain and her crew.
KDHamptons summer writers Emmy Sammons and Lucie Lott (right)
Toasting with Melanie Brandman and Meagan Morrison
Chilled Lobster Boil
Cue the mouthwatering! Sharing this pretty reel of the delicious Chilled Lobster Boil prepared by my favorite East End caterer @hamptonsaristocrat for my birthday sail on @yachtkelpie. Also on the menu were: Burrata & Heirloom Tomato Salad, Old Bay grilled shrimp, handmade Ricotta Agnolotti, sliced filet, buttermilk crispy chicken, and watermelon & feta salad, along with a toast of Mionetto Prosecco Rosé. I wish we could do it all over again. Hamptons Aristocrat offers the most beautiful, locally inspired dining experiences with Kelpie’s incredible team serving these dishes with white gloves at sea. How chic is that?! Literally like a restaurant on board. 

Laura Darrin and Alex Jackson
Drake Darrin
Chip and Kate Betts Brown
Marie Caroline Caiola
In all my years of annual celebrations I’ve never had a more beautiful (and thoughtful) birthday cake than this one – which had fondant flower copies of actual blooms in my garden. Designed by baking queen Jeanne Purpura of @sugar_rush_bake, the vanilla cake with dark chocolate ganache was covered with fondant in a “Bas Relief” design placed in a white plant container. All of the sugar paste flowers are handmade, each petal and leaf made individually to copy the live rose, peony, foxglove, and hydrangea blooms in my garden. Bet you can’t tell the difference between the real ones in my new igtv? So delicious!
My beautiful birthday cake.
…with fondant flowers that matched the real ones in my garden.

What a wonderful day to remember! Thank you to everyone who made it so special!
Until next summer beautiful Kelpie! 
 Photographs by Mia Isabella Photography
— Compiled by Emmy Sammons