NEW KDHamptons Party Diary: Lizzi Bougatsos Feted at Boo-Hooray Summer Rental Gallery


New York artist and front-person for experimental music band Gang Gang Dance, Lizzi Bougatsos was recently feted at a reception in Montauk at the Boo-Hooray Summer Rental Gallery.  Guests in attendance included: singer Kate Nauta, socialites Fabiola Beracsa and Arden Wohl, and Beastie Boy Mike D.

Noah Shelley, Robert McKinley
Johan Kugelberg, Lila Wolfe
Heather Andersen, Brion Isaacs
Kate Nauta
Tommy Zung
Phil Jones, Jonathon Wellerstein

Lizzi Bougatsos, Arden Wohl
Lizzi Bougatsos, Jonah Freeman
Glen Glasser, Roxanne Orman, Cara Earl
Jason Beckman, Fabiola Beracasa Beckman
Adam Rosante, Kate Rosante
Vince Esposito, Jessica Murphy