NEW KDHamptons Party Diary: Beth & Howard Stern 'Get Wild!' for the Wildlife Rescue Center at Chuck Scarborough's Annual Event!



Hamptons animal lovers Beth & Howard Stern




Saturday, June 22, Chuck and Ellen Scarborough hosted the annual “Get Wild!” event. Guests were chauffeured from a long driveway and past a sunken tennis court to reach the dreamy estate.   Cute critters and owls joined the star-studded guest list to benefit that Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue Center of the Hamptons, named in honor of Leslie Alexander’s mother.



The beautiful home of host Chuck and Ellen Scarborough



Animal lovers and Southamptonites, Howard Stern and Beth Otrosky Stern (above) love attending “Get Wild!”.  Beth chaired the event last year and is known for her animal activism.  Most recently, she and Howard went to a municipal shelter and saved six foster kittens- AW!



Ginny Frati, Kim Dryer, Sharon Kerr, Jane Hanson, and Michael Lorber



Sharon Kerr, Howard Lorber, and Kim Renk Dryer (above) were chosen to be this year’s honorees because of their commitment to increasing awareness and helping endangered and injured wildlife on the East End!



Jane Gill, Great Horned Owl, and Jane Hanson



Charlie Baily, Rosebud the Opossum, Hannah Berner, and John Ludlow





This clear cola was mixed into cocktails to add some fizz!



The Swedish Culinary Summer has brought the top Swedish chefs to the Hamptons in order to benefit key charity events of the summer. Just for “Get Wild!”, Swedish Chef Jonas Dahlbom (below) worked with local Chef Peter Ambrose to devise an immaculate vegetarian menu for the guests!  They also donated two trips to Sweden and a huge “Swedish Dish Experience Package” featuring everything from knives to cheese to fine clothing. All proceeds of the auction benefitted the Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue Center of the Hamptons.



Jonas Dahlbom, Emelie Johansson, and Andrew Reice



Beth Ostrosky posing with a possum!



Peggy Lauber and Paul Kreiling from Woffer Estates



Jane Gill, Great Horned Owl, Beth Ostrosky Stern, Nick Marzano, and Sonia the Redtail Hawk



The event featured notable East Enders including: Beth and Howard Stern, Marcy and Michael Warren, Jane Hansen, Daphne Hoge, Andrew Levine, and more…



Kevin Conway, Geraldine Newman, Ronald Hoffman, and Laurie Cowan



Jane Hanson, Dan Berg, and Amy Rosenblum



Peter Worth, Noelle Nikpour, Michael Lorber, and Andy Levine



Glam auction items...



Jane Gill, Great Horned Owl , and Karen Goerl



Photos courtesy of Rob Rich/

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