NEW KDHamptons Diary: Sharon Kerr Gets Wild for a Cause!





Well, the Hamptons philanthropic summer season has officially begun. Whether you want to help rescue animals, support nature conservancy, or want to help preserve our beautiful beaches, there are fantastic, fancy, and fun events to attend on the East End that will help support your favorite cause. We catch up with Southampton resident Sharon Kerr to hear more about the great events she is involved with in her new KDHamptons Diary below:



The Shelter Island Ferry



KDHamptons: How long have you been living in the Hamptons? Why do you love it so much?

Sharon Kerr: Summers in the Hamptons growing up was just bliss. We lived on at Green Lawns on Shelter Island for many summers, taking the ferry to Bridgehampton everyday to ride with Patsy and Alvin Topping at Swan Creek. I was always so excited because the south ferry captain would toot the horn when I had a great day at a horse show. I moved to the Hamptons after school enjoying the local art world. Drawing and painting, managing a gallery and a splendidly raucous lifestyle.





KDHamptons: You are an accomplished artist, and recently became a salesperson at the Corcoran Group ~ what would you say is the sweet spot of the Hamptons market right now?

Sharon: Throughout the years, I have continued to be  involved in art. Mostly water colors and drawing. I love florals and landscape painting. It’s such a fulfilling experience.
I’ve also enjoyed  buying and building homes and now that the kids are grown I have the opportunity to pursue a career in Real Estate. It seems like the market is picking up and and it’s a beautiful thing.



Sharon (center) at Kites for a Cure on Cooper's Beach



KDHamptons: Please tell our readers about the causes you support?

Sharon: A good party always impressed me and now….what impresses me you ask? A party with a purpose. I have been involved with a number of charities including the Southampton Hospital, the Wildlife Conservation Society Gala, Grace Presbyterian Church Building Dedication ceremony,  the Southampton Fresh Air Home DDD benefit and this summer I’m so excited to be honored for my efforts.



Design House's Maria Greenlaw and Suzanne Caldwell with Sharon Kerr at a benefit for the Southampton Hospital



KDHamptons: Please tell us about the upcoming events you are hosting this summer?

Sharon: I am humbled to receive accolades for my support of various charities over the years from the Wildlife Rescue Center at the Get Wild event this Saturday, June 22 at Chuck and Ellen Scarboroughs. This Rescue Center is a crucial care center for the animals that are in distress either by being displaced or by injury. Its such a great cause taking care of these beautiful critters that we are so blessed to have in our community. I’m thrilled to be a part of this great cause. [ ]



John Nelson, Dr. Mark Kot, and Sharon Kerr at the 2009 Southampton Hospital Gala


I’m also co-chairing the Journal for The Southampton Hospital Gala on Saturday, August  This year our event will take place behind the Elks Lodge on Cty Rd 39 in Art Southampton’s air conditioned tent…Ahhh.  [ ]



The Get Wild event will be held at Chuck and Ellen Scarborough's beautiful estate



Kelli Delaney, Sharon Kerr, and Debra Halpert



Celebrating Fourth of July with Sean Bruns at the Design House Parade Party



KDHamptons: What does your perfect Hamptons day look like?

Sharon: My perfect Hamptons day starts with a cup of coffee, answering emails,  flipping between Bloomberg and CNBC, then an early morning walk around Agawam Lake, hitting the tennis court, or drawing in the dunes and meeting friends at Red Bar after a full day at the office.



Lake Agawam, in Southampton



Red Bar in Southampton



KDHamptons: What is your favorite East End restaurant? Got a favorite dish and drink you love to order?

Sharon: I have a few…..My favorite restaurant is Sen in Sag Harbor for their Garuda roll and a glass of Cabernet during the week. Sitting in front of Sant Ambroeus on a balmy Saturday night is a treasure. Silvers is my go-to spot when I can for a BLT and the Times on Sunday after church.





KDHamptons: Which hot new restaurant are you excited to try?

Sharon: I can’t wait to try Fresh in Bridgehampton. Laura Euler of caught my attention, “Chef Todd Jacobs says all the produce is organic and local if possible, as is the fish; the meat and chicken are humanely reared, walked daily on a leash, and die of happiness before being butchered.” Or something similar!



Wood grilled salmon at Fresh in Bridgehampton



KDHamptons: Do you have a new summer beach read?

Sharon: Im currently reading the 2009 biography, “Last Man Standing, The ascension of Jamie Dimon,” By Duff McDonald.