NEW KDHamptons Lifestyle Diary: World Champion Equestrian & Wall Street Wizard, Jeff Priebe


Jeff Priebe

From being a 14-time World Champion equestrian to becoming a Wall Street wizard, Hamptons local Jeff Priebe finds his balance between a relaxing life on the east end and the pressures of being principal partner and chairman of J. Streicher Asset Management.  “I was always involved in the family business of livestock and horses, which dates back to 1918,” says Priebe. “Whether it was learning new tactics of the horse trade through the farm or in conjunction with my father, I was always looking for hands-on experience.”  Learn more about Jeff in his new KDHamptons Lifestyle Diary, below:


KDHamptons: You have such a unique story. How did you make the jump from an equestrian life to the financial sector?

Jeff Priebe: My dad taught me many things alongside the horse business which included other family businesses and holdings. I put my hard work and energy into the horse business in order to define what a juvenile could do within the equestrian industry by assisting the family in being one of the largest consignment farms in the nation; thus, winning 14 world championships in different divisions by the age of 23.

While attending Rollins College, I increased my ethics of business through working within the dry cleaning, nightclub and wine business and also the real estate arena as mostly a principal partner of a joint venture partnership. At the tail end of college, I was introduced to the world of finance, which resulted in my next found passion. After working within numerous smaller boutique financial services firms, founding a number of private equity-style entities and working with more than a handful of growth and venture private companies with some going public, I knew I was here to stay in the financial sector. Fast forward to today, after the ups and downs of the financial world and working globally within the industry, I found my calling at J. Streicher. After being here an upwards of almost four years, I have found my home and then some. The firm is part of me and my heart beats to it every day – with good and bad days.

Jeff Priebe

KDHamptons: As a chairman for J. Streicher Asset Management, what is your day to day like?

Jeff Priebe: For over 105 years, the Streicher family built their reputation on the importance of asset diversification and the need for intelligent, disciplined investing. My day-to-day is interesting, unique and exciting all at the same time as a principal partner or non-managing partner for most of the J. Streicher entities/divisions.  Numerous meetings are held on a daily basis within each division whether it is to discuss new and existing clients and business lines or think tank meetings in order to develop new innovative alternative product offerings and services, each day is never the same.  In addition, as we are in the building mode throughout a number of divisions, I spend a lot of time reviewing and seeking out joint ventures, acquisitions, key hires along with international relationships as well as learning, building and communicating within The Streicher System in order to preserve the J. Streicher legacy for another 105 years.

Nick & Toni's

KDHamptons: Tell us about your Hamptons lifestyle. Do you have a favorite restaurant?

Jeff Priebe: One of my favorite restaurants is Nick and Tony’s in East Hampton.  I love the atmosphere and the food is exceptional.  As an appetizer, I order their grilled asparagus salad with arugula, shaved grana padano and truffle vinaigrette.  As for the main course, I love their butternut squash lasagna with creamed spinach and crispy leeks.

Jeff Priebe

KDHamptons: You have a little guy at home and one on the way. Any special moments you want to share?

Jeff Priebe: Well, this is for sure the highlight of my life and is better than any world championship or success in the financial world.  I must say having one little guy coming up on his second birthday along with an amazing “mama” Melissa, another love of my life, it just can’t get any better – except for having another little man joining our “home team” in late October and maybe a girl in the future.  Every day is a special moment with our loving families around us.

Hampton Polo Classic

KDHamptons: What are a few of your favorite summer events in the Hamptons?

Jeff Priebe: My favorite events are Bridgehampton Polo and the Hamptons Polo Classic. I also like to attend various charity events and support local causes.

Trent Tucker Celebrity Golf Tournament

KDHamptons: I know you partnered with NBA World Champion Trent Tucker on the upcoming J. Streicher & Trent Tucker Celebrity Golf Outing. Can you share those details with our readers?

Jeff Priebe: We are extremely happy to partner with Trent Tucker in the upcoming celebrity golf outing at Old Oaks Country Club in Westchester on September 28, 2015, which will be a day and evening of fun, food, auctions and entertainment. The event is aligned with two key foundations, The THRIVE Network and Roundabout Theatre Company that both have significant meaning to us.  A complete program of events and key partner associations will be forthcoming in the near future.  There will be a number of entertainers, athletes and other celebrities attending and invited guests, including: Charles Oakley, Luke Donald, Michael Jordan, Patrick Ewing, Tiki Barber, Kris Humphries, Shawn Gee, Steve Conte, Senator Martin Golden. We are so thankful for their support in association with the leadership of MJ Pedone and her team at Indra PR.