NEW KDHamptons Lifestyle Diary: Eric Skilbred Launches Sea Escapes Sag Harbor


Eric Skilbred
“I learned to windsurf 18 years ago through the town of Southampton windsurfing program, and I have been a part of this program ever since,” shares Hamptons local sailor and world traveler, Eric Skilbred [above]. Growing up in Sag Harbor, Eric spent his time exploring the local waters and sharing this with friends and family. “This year I am starting my own company, Sea Escapes Sag Harbor, where we teach everyone from first time beginners to US Sailing Olympic competitors.”  Set sail with Skilbred in this NEW KDHamptons Lifestyle Diary, below:

Eric Skilbred

KDHamptons: Tell us about your new company, Sea Escapes Sag Harbor?

Eric Skilbred: Spending time on the water can be a relaxing and memorable way to spend your time in Sag Harbor. Growing up in Sag Harbor, I spent my time exploring the local waters and sharing this with friends and family.  I am an experienced waterman and USCG Licensed Captain. We offer a 24’ sailboat, and a 23’ Powerboat and can arrange a leisurely cruise with local food or we can match you up with the coolest watersports like windsurfing and paddle boarding.


KDHamptons: You recently won a big wind surfing competition, where did it take place?

Eric Skilbred: The Windsurfing Competition was held in Heckscher Park, New York on June 6th and 7th to celebrate and promote the sport of windsurfing. The competition was dived into two disciplines: Course racing and freestyle.  The two highest scores from each discipline were tallied to determine the coveted title of King of the East. With a second place finish in freestyle and fourth in racing, I finished with the highest overall score.


KDHamptons: How long have you been windsurfing, and how did you get involved in the sport?

Eric Skilbred: I learned to windsurf 18 years ago through the town of Southampton windsurfing program, taught by Jace Panebianco and Hampton watersports.  My first job was as an assistant instructor at age thirteen. The last 7 years I was the program director and head instructor and over the years we have taught thousands of kids to windsurf.  In the winter months I travel with ABK Boardsports, which is a group of professional windsurfers who have clinics all over the country and in Bonaire.


KDHamptons: What will a typical half day Sea Escapes Sag Harbor Tour entail?

Eric Skilbred: We set sail from Sag Harbor, setting off for the wonderful waters off Shelter Island. Enjoy kicking back on the boat or heading onto the water to have a paddle, or kayak to a private beach.  We then can take you to a waterfront restaurant for live music or drop some rigs in the water to try to get some fish. We then will treat you to a light, locally prepared lunch and head back to have you home for the rest of your Hamptons afternoon.


KDHamptons: What boat is used for the half-day, full-day, and sunset tours?

Eric Skilbred: Sea Escapes Sag Harbor offers a choice of two vessels, a 23’ powerboat and a 24’ sailboat. Up to six people can join the tour, as per coast guard regulations.


*For more info visit: or call (631) 259-1033. To learn to windsurf call the town of Southampton parks and Recreation (631) 728-8585, Hampton Watersports (631) 283-9463, or