NEW KDHamptons Fashion Diary: Joe Zee & Rob Younkers Launch STITCHED Fashion Camp in East Hampton!



Stiched Fashion Camp founders Joe Zee and Rob Younkers



Calling all aspiring young designers from the ages of 10 to 14!  Get a sneak peak into the fashion industry with the ultimate “behind the seams” experience by enrolling in STITCHED FASHION CAMP. Created to encourage and develop kids love of fashion with actual hands-on experience, the goal at STITCHED is to nurture creativity and passion, and introduce budding designers to the exciting mainstream world of high fashion. Little haute Hamptonistas can pursue their dreams of the runway at this cool two week long summer day camp right here on the East End!



From August 5 to 16, co-founders Rob Younkers and Joe Zee invite young innovators to join them at Guild Hall in East Hampton, to learn about fashion design and styling from top industry experts, as well as actually designing, executing, and styling their own garments. Here’s how it all works:





Fashion’s future stars will get their first glimpse into this creative industry with instruction on everything from illustration and construction to styling and visual merchandising. Whether you have taken classes before or this is your first, STITCHED will accommodate all skill levels, all you need is a passion for fashion! Under the guidance of instructors and industry insiders, participants will be guided through the entire design process from “beginning to hemmed”.







KDH and Joe Zee were fashion editors at Allure magazine for many years in our 20’s, so it’s neat that we both have launched glam new ventures in the Hamptons. We catch up with Joe and Rob in this NEW KDHamptons Fashion Diary, below:



KDHamptons: Why was the Hamptons the perfect place to launch a fashion camp?

Rob: Joe has had a home here for several years and when I first started coming out, I fell in love with the Hamptons. Many families head out there for summer vacation and we really wanted the camp to fill a void in the market, no one else is doing a camp like ours!



KDHamptons: Is the camp for girls and boys? Do kids need sewing experience?

Joe: Fashion is for everyone! Boys and girls are welcome. You may choose to make the clothes for yourself or someone else, all you need are measurements. If you would prefer to make them for a specific size that’s fine too. You can fit them on one of our dress forms. No experience is necessary! We will teach you everything you need to know to bring your ideas to life. If you happen to have experience, our industry insiders will work with you to make sure you feel you are getting the one on one attention you deserve. Everyone will be able to work at a pace that is comfortable for them.





KDHamptons: Will any East End designers/ style gurus be making an appearance at the camp?

Rob: We hope so! Many people have shown interest in stopping by, including Nicole Miller and Tory Burch and the list continues to grow daily!



KDHamptons: Rob, were you already designing as a teen? Is that what inspired you to create a camp?

Rob: I have always loved fashion and costume design. From the time I can remember I have been making clothes, whether they were for my sister’s Barbie dolls or Halloween costumes for myself, fashion has always been a big part of my life. I was fortunate enough to turn my love into a career. I attended Parsons School of Design and have worked for some incredibly influential people in the industry. After working in Europe for several years, I returned to NYC and was hired by Tim Gunn to teach at my alma mater. This Fall will by 10th  year there! But started working with a younger generation of designers 7 years ago. In 2006 I was chosen to be a fashion design mentor for a 14 year old on an episode of MTV’s “Made.” I had never worked with teens, but had the best time and realized how much I loved working with a younger generation of designers. I was hired by an art studio in New Jersey to create a fashion program and ran that for several years, but always dreamed of doing it on my own. Working with children and teens is as rewarding for them as it is for me. They learn so much about a subject they love and truly inspire me in my work. When I explained the idea to Joe he was immediately on board and told me to go for it. We collaborated and here it is up and running!





KDHamptons: Joe, you are one of the best dressed men in fashion. Do you have a Hamptons “uniform”? Which designer do you both wear most on the East End?

Joe: My uniform out there is strictly my old cut up shorts or chinos from Urban Outfitters with a rotating array of concert tees polos. Its the one place I really don’t have to worry about what to wear which is nice. Rob loves his J. Crew chambray shorts and a Gap or Calvin Klein tee with flip flops.





STITCHED FASHION CAMP is taking place from August 5th-16th at Guild Hall in East Hampton for $1,850 per student. If interested visit

Hurry to sign up Hamptonistas!!