NEW Designer Profile: Jeanne Zizi Margot de Kroon, Founder of Zazi Vintage


Wouldn’t you love to wear a dress that makes you feel as good as you look?  Well now you can. KDHamptons discovered the incredible spirit and beauty of Jeanne Zizi Margot de Kroon (above) on Instagram a couple years back and fell in love with her designs and commitment to giving back to women.  Jeanne is the founder of ZAZI Vintage,  a luxury fashion label committed to an ethical and sustainable practice in the fashion industry.

She shares, “We believe our artisans and customers are a part of the same story. With our main partner NGO, the Institute for Philanthropy and Human Development (IPHD India), we help to employ 25+ women who make ZAZI Vintage a reality.”  Learn more about Jeanne below and be sure to shop her beautiful summer collection HERE. 

IPHD India was founded by Jodhpur native, Madhu Vaishnav.  Jeanne de Kroon, founder of ZAZI Vintage, connected with Madhu through their shared belief in the power of women, which is how ZAZI was born.  It’s ironic that Jeanne has become a designer “given that fact that I had no formal training as a tailor nor any education in fashion at all.  It’s also ironic given the fact that I work with sewers that had never stitched a dress in their lives before.  Yet, Bhikamkor in rural Rajasthan and the women that live and work there in a small blue house, have established their names with me in the international luxury fashion market.”

“‘Saheli Women’s Club’ meaning ‘Girlfriend Club’ is the social enterprise operating under IPHD that crafts many of our products. The women in the Girlfriend Club are skilled artisans who are also passionate advocates for the inclusion of girls in education and women’s independence. Every ZAZI Collection pays our women seamstresses fair wages. In one day, they can earn the salary that the average Indian worker in a rural area earns in one month,” says Jeanne.

She adds, “Through our girls’ education program, we are sending 72 girls to school in 2017-18. Next year, we will fund the education of 100 girls. If girls are educated, they will be able to be financially independent.”

For inquiries, please contact Jeanne de Kroon, founder, at Visit the website HERE and follow her on Instagram HERE