Nacho Figueras Hosts 'The Ferrari Experience' At The Opening Day of the 16th Annual Bridgehampton Polo Club Season!






Marco Mattiacci, CEO of Ferrari of North America, Peter Brant, Bridgehampton Polo Club cofounder and new partner Nacho Figueras hosted the Ferrari Experience at the opening day of Bridgehampton Polo on July 21st.


KDH spent the perfect Hamptons summer day on the fields photographing the ponies, chatting with the players, toasting lemonade with friends, and~ OH YEAH~ test driving the incredible new Ferrari that just hit the market! Check out the diary of my day below..



Haute Hamptonites in attendance included: Adelina Wong Ettelson, Andrew Saffir and Daniel Benedict, Antonio Versace, Barry Sonnefeld, Beth Ostrosky Stern, Campion and Tatiana Platt, Charlie Denihan, Elisabeth Kieselstein-Cord, Evan Schrager, Farah Dib Mattiacci,  Gianpaolo & Gabby de Felice, Gillian Miniter, Kelly Klein, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Melanie Brandman, Michael Michele, Nacho Figueras, Neil Hirsch, Peter Brant, Richie and Jane Notar, Rita Schrager, Sharon Bush, Stefano Tonchi.


Genifer Lancaster and Michael Michele


Melanie Brandman (right), founder of The Travel Curator, with friend Bill Keith.


Nacho Figuera, Peter Brant, and Marco Mattiacci chat with Jason Binn.


Beth Stern (in hat) with Jane and Richie Notar and their little princess!



Dr. Raj Kanoodia with girlfriend Heather took a high speed spin in the FF!


Nacho Figueras and Kelly Klein


Although the pitch was too wet to proceed with the season’s first official match, Peter Brant and Nacho Figueras mounted their horses to join polo players on field for one period of play, also known as a chukker.




Kelly Klein, Michael Michele, Michelle Harper,Kimberly Guilfoyle, Jamee and Peter Gregory, Rita Schrager were among the onlookers at Ferrari’s private tent that enjoyed the exhibition while indulging in delicious tray-passed hors d’oeuvres from Tutto Il Giorno and refreshing GREY GOOSE punch cocktails.



Ava, Rita, and Sophia Schrager


Tot-toting guests including: Adelina Wong Ettelson, Helen and Tim Schifter, Richie and Jane Notar and W’s Stefano Tonchi were treated to gourmet People’s Pops popsicles at the intimate space that boasted white custom-created canvas cabanas outfitted with inviting white sectionals woven nest chairs with baskets of Clinique sunscreen.




Hilda Oliva and Helen Prez Cerveras



Ferrari’s FF the company’s first four-seater, four wheel drive sports car along with the Americano and Spider models lined the field along with white umbrellas paired with rustic Adirondack chairs. KDH was thrilled to be asked to test drive this hot new car!


I stake out the Ferrari for my drive...


Being behind the wheel of such a powerful car is like driving a rocket. The FF is extremely responsive, grips the road, has tight handling, the Italian supple leather makes you feel like you are a part of the car.


....and I hit the open roads in the new FF!!



The salon has lots of legroom for this 5’10” writer or my buddy Johnny above who is 6’2″! Switch from racing to driving mode with a click of your fingertips, and listen to that twelve cylinder engine “purrrrrrr” as Dr. Raj describes. One of the first sport scars that can handle uneven surface terrain, you can adjust the suspension of this Ferrari with a click of a button to protect the spoiler and raise the nose of the car. The carbon fiber racing wheel and dynamic dashboard are straight up 007 style!


Soooo the good news is that you can order one of these super cars now….and the not so good? The list price starts at $325k. But hey, the headrest has a built-in DVR in the back to keep the little ones quiet as you think of all the reasons why you love your new Ferrari!!!


John Nelson and Jaime Kingsley


John Nelson [above] shares, “As a Ferrari owner, I was a bit wary of the notion of such a pedigreed brand to offer a car oriented towards family style living.  I was quite surprised by the finished product, and loved the driving the FF on the Hamptons back roads. Now, you can officially now have your mid-life crisis and make your family happy with this glossy new set of wheels!”



Men In Black producer and car collector, Barry Sonnenfeld [above] rolled up to the polo grounds in his convertible Corvette to test drive the FF. Also gracing grounds was the showstopping 458 Italia Spyder [below], which has a two year back order, and starts at approximately $27ok. Hey, yjou look good draped on that Spyder, Michele Harper~ start saving now!