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Lisa Perry brought a mini fashion army
Beth Stern and friends shopped and went on the carnival rides
Rachel Zoe shops while hubby Rog plays paparazzo
Christy Turlington hit the carnival rides with her gorgeous kids
Cristina Cuomo: Super Chic on Super Saturday!
Event host Donna Karan
Rudy and Judith Giuliani looking fabulous!
Super Saturday Swing Ride
A Pretty Painted Cat
And A Painted Butterfly
KDH Best Dressed of the Day Award went to: Maya 
Elie Tahari shopped with his kids
Fashionista in training
Beth Stern had fun shopping with her pals
Kelly Ripa power shops and talks!
Kelly Rutherford brought her dog and spent a lot of time talking to to the fans. What a class act!
Kids Love Super Saturday as much as their moms!
Kris Humphries was mobbed by adoring Kim K wannabes
Lacoste CEO Steve Birkhold with beautiful wife Nicole

Haute Bargains in the Hamptons – All In the Name of Ovarian Cancer Research

It was a hot summer day again at the 14th Super Saturday charity event in Water Mill, but that didn’t’ stop celebrities from strutting the grass carpet or the serious shoppers who flocked out east to grab designer discounts. The annual event, which featured more than 200 designers selling their merchandise for steep discounts, raised $3.5 million to benefit the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.

Co-host Emma Roberts, who said she was most looking forward to hitting up the Jimmy Choo table, said the decision to participate this year was a no-brainer. “It’s a really amazing cause with really wonderful people involved, so if you can do something for charity that’s also fun, why would you say no?”

Other celebrities in the throngs of crowds coming through Kate Spade purses, Alice & Olivia dresses, Stewart Weitzman heels, Juicy sweats, Ralph Lauren polos and much more included host Kelly Ripa, Gayle King, Christa Miller (from “Cougar Town”), Lisa Rinna, Beth Stern, Christy Turlington and Rachel Zoe, who also hosted a booth. Check out what Kelly, Lisa and Gayle told KDHamptons reporter Lisa Chase while making their way down the green carpet:


KDHamptons: Great to see you Kelly Ripa, how is the search going for a new co-host? Several rumors are circulating out there as to who might replace Regis..

Kelly Ripa: I like these rumors and that people are talking about us. We really haven’t even thought about it. We just want to honor Regis right now and celebrate his legacy. Working with him has been nothing short of my biggest dream come true. I was so sad when he decided to leave – believe me – I understand it is a daily grind, and it is – but I am grateful and feel privileged to have him for 10 years, and after he leaves, then we’ll worry about getting a new guy or gal in there.

KDH: Who do you want to replace Regis?

Kelly Ripa: I don’t think there will be a Regis replacement – it will be a whole different thing with someone totally new. When I got the job nobody thought of me as a potential replacement.

KDH: Speaking of shows, do any new shows this fall pique your interest?

Kelly Ripa: ‘Pan Am’ and the one with the Playboy Bunnies. I was always fascinated by those satiny costumes. There were a couple of girls in my classroom who were always dressing up for Halloween like playboy bunnies. I was a hobo, a bum, a witch – all covered up, and I thought, ‘One day when I go through puberty I’ll wear that bunny costume.’ And I just never went through puberty but it still can still happen [chuckles]!

KDH: Why do you love the Hamptons so much?

Kelly Ripa: The Hamptons are just different then anywhere else in the world. I just love the farms, the water, turkeys, we have turkeys in our yard and not ones that we bought! I love this event because my husband cannot harass me for shopping here, it is such a great cause! My kids are having fun waterskiing and I get to have fun here!

KDH: Do you have a fashion icon – someone who always gets it right?

Kelly Ripa: Rachel Zoe – I think everything she does, she just hits the right note. She has a sense of style I love – that hippy 70s Coco Chanel meets Mrs. Roper. She has that boho chic thing down. And you can always tell when she’s dressing someone. They go from a fine sense of style to looking incredible and you know that she got her hands on them.

KDH: What’s your Hamptons workout routine these days?

Kelly Ripa: I love my Soul Cycle – I just came from it – and I have a trainer Anna Kaiser who puts me through the ringer – it’s like aerobic ballet.

KDH: You host this event year after year, why is it so important to you?

Kelly Ripa: Today – as a mother, daughter, wife and sister, we have to get rid of ovarian cancer and the fact that there’s no system in place to know that you have it and if women do, it’s often too late and sad. All of the proceeds go to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund in an effort to find a warning system.

KDH: What was the best deal you scored at any Super Saturday?

Kelly Ripa: A Marc Jacobs hobo bag for $25. And I apologized to my neighbor’s grandmother when I elbowed her to get it, but I got the bag.


KDH: Hi Gayle King! What brands are you looking for this year at Super Saturday?

Gayle King: Anything that’s a bargain. My system this year is to see everything.

KDH: Do you have a particular style icon?

Gayle King: Carolina Herrera always looks good – she’s always perfection.

KDH: What would you say was your worst hairdo in the past?

Gayle King: I look at all hairstyles and think they were all blackmail material. Anything before the age of 35 was blackmail material for me.


KDH: Lovely Lisa Rinna, can you tell KDH readers what show you are most looking forward to this fall?

Lisa Rinna: “Whitney” it looks interesting – she looks funny.

KDH: What brings you to Super Saturday this year?

Lisa Rinna: It’s my first time in the Hamptons, but shopping and raising money for charity are two of my favorite things to do.

KDH: What brands are you looking forward to hitting today?

Lisa Rinna: I like Rachel Zoe – but I have to go and look at all the booths.

KDH: Are there any fall fashions that you are looking forward to this season?

Lisa Rinna: I like thigh high boots always. I have suede, but I now need leather – the ones Angelina Jolie was wearing of course that we all want to buy. And I also like cashmere sweaters – there are a lot of styles too.

KDH: What’s coming up next for you? Any new show in the works?

Lisa Rinna: I have nothing – I have to create something, because I’m not going to work if I don’t. For God’s sake, you have to do a reality show or you don’t work. My favorite to watch right now is “Say Yes to the Dress” and “Cupcake Wars” – what does that tell you about my household?

KDH: I know you work out a fair amount – what are you doing these days to keep yourself looking so great?

Lisa Rinna: Well yesterday I went for a run – I felt like Kim Kardashian getting ready for her wedding – I went for a run, did a soul cycle class and then went upstairs and did a yoga class for an hour. And that was yesterday – now I have to live up to myself!

KDH: What inspired you to hit the Hamptons today to raise money for ovarian cancer?

Lisa Rinna: We need to end ovarian cancer – we need to find a cure for this deadly disease. You don’t know if you have it – it’s hard to figure out [and diagnose] and we have to get early detection.


The grassy green carpet was packed with reporters, camera crews, and fans. Here are some other great quotes that KDH reporter Courtney Bissonette heard these Hollywood Hamptonites share:

Emma Roberts: “I just love being out of the hectic city, being relaxed out here..”

Beth Stern: “I want to run to Rachel Zoe! I only think of myself when I am here [joking]. I love the way the community gets together, its a great cause, it’s fun, and I have nice long legs so I can run to the booths!”

Kris Humphries: “I’m out here for the Sector polo match, and Kim and I just texted each other about stopping by the event. I like to find things I really like. I have to love it, or it needs to be a really great deal. Its hard to shop for women, the size, the color. You guys are difficult [laughs]. I like to think I have a great sense of style and it just gets better. Its a great cause, I love fashion, I am beginning to love it more. I grew up on a lake, so a swimsuit was my uniform. I had like three then, now I have about 23. They got swimsuits here, I can rock a short swimsuit.”

Christa Miller: “Its my first time, I’m so happy just to shop. Of course it is great to support the cause plus you get the bonus of shopping. you have to have a good shopping sense. I usually just steal the clothes from the show. I love the Hamptons. I grew up out here, my husband hates it because I know so many people and every time he turns around I am with someone else!”

Phew! What a day, KDH and crew had a great time shopping, chatting with designers and charitable celebs, making new fashion friends and spending a perfect day under the sun!