the Mara family
My Hamptons

Lynn Mara

Occupation: Artist, mother of four sons: Sean, 22, Jack, 20, Frankie, 15, and Owen, 12; wife of Frank Mara [CEO, President and owner of the New York Giants]

Current Residence: Bedford in the off-season, summers in Southampton

the Mara family
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Keary and Killian
Lynn Mara football charcoal sketch

KDHamptons: How long have you been coming to the Hamptons? Why do you love it so much?
Lynn Mara: I was born and raised in Southampton; the oldest of six. As they say: “you can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl.” Southampton is part of my identity. It will always be home in my heart.


KDH: Do you come out all year round?
LM: Yes. I count my brother and sisters among my best friends. We love being together and planning big family dinners. We enjoy every season out here whether it’s the height of summer or a crackling fire and snowfall.


KDH: Describe your Hamptons home, and decorating style?
LM: I love to decorate. Our style is traditional, classic American with clean contemporary mixed in. I try to avoid clutter and anything unnecessary. Our home is very reflective of our collective interests with a special eye for color which is influenced by my paintings. We hope to have one with views of the Bay someday soon.


KDH: Personal style: do you have a Hamptons “uniform”? which designer do you wear the most?
LM: I wouldn’t call it a uniform exactly but jeans and cowboy boots are my favorite when I’m not in running gear. Ralph Lauren is my idol, former employer and inspiration.


KDH: What is your favorite restaurant, why, what is your favorite dish?
LM: I love the Marguerite Pizza at Tuscan House, Red Bar’s Truffled chicken with wild Mushroom Risotto and anything Doug does at Plaza Café.


KDH: Describe your perfect day in detail.
LM: I’m an early riser and love to catch the sunrise on a run along Sebonac Inlet Road, come back for Spanish coffee at my sister’s, a drive to the North Fork with my camera to capture horses, vineyard workers, and local farms followed by stops for wine, cheese and dinner ingredients and a long happy dinner time with family and all the kids. A bonfire at my brothers to cap it off can’t be beat.


KDH: What is the greatest part about your job?
LM: If you could snap your fingers and instantly have another career~ what would be your dream job? Hmmm. Being a mother is my favorite job. Being an artist is icing on the cake. The best thing about both is that I do them from home or anywhere I am and that I make my own hours. I can’t really distinguish between work and play so it’s pretty ideal. IF I could add to the dream it would be as a musician – but my natural ability when it comes to music is between slim and none.


KDH: What is your best kept secret about the Hamptons?
LM: Where to find beachplums, where to go clamming, and a parking spot.


KDH: What are your plans for the holidays? Travel or staying out East?
LM: Frank and I have a huge family. There are 72 on his side and 32 on mine. He is in the professional football business so we don’t travel outside of our game schedule much. This year we’ll be in Southampton for Thanksgiving and I’ll have my show at 4 North Main Gallery on Saturday the 26th. We’re looking forward to it.


KDH: Which is your favorite season in the Hamptons and why?
LM: It’s tough to beat summer and the smell of hedge blossoms, a day at the beach and fresh mown grass but I’m going to say the Fall. I love Fall for the quiet tranquility, the look of a fall sky, honking geese and a glass of red wine by a crackling fire. The air smells so good and it’s such a romantic time of year. Walks on the beach are exceptional too.


KDH: If you could have anyone at your Hamptons dinner party (dead or alive) who would you invite?
LM: Well, how bout you Kelli? Would you come? Frank Sinatra, Billy Joel, and Ina Garten would be too cool too!


KDH: How do you “do it all” ? …work, husband, family…share a couple tips for busy reader?
LM: That sounds like one of those sarcastic but very funny cards. But seriously, my work is play! Also, here would be my top three tips:

1. pray – be grateful

2. spend time with people you really love

3. simplify your life – remove the clutter from your days


KDH: If you could paint like anyone or paint any subject, who would you choose?
LM: I would paint myself a horse I could ride! If I could paint like anyone it would be Vincent van Gogh.