Lois and Victoria
My Hamptons

Lois Robbins

Occupation: Actor, wife of Andrew Zaro and mom to Olivia, Stephen and Victoria

Current Residence: Water Mill and Manhattan

Family - Beach
Ralph Lauren
Pierres mussels

KDH: You are an actress, tell us about your upcoming role in Blowtorch?

Lois: Blowtorch is a gritty, urban New York story. Based in Brooklyn, it follows the story of Ann Willis, a struggling single mother of three, whom I play. Ann works as a waitress to support her family after the death of her husband. Her eldest son, Dave, decides to forgo his dream of going to culinary school in order to help out the family and takes a job in a factory. He gets caught up with the wrong people and through an unfortunate twist of fate, is murdered. Unhappy with how the investigation is going, Ann decides to take matters in her own hands to solve her son’s murder.


KDH: How did you prepare for the role?

Lois: I actually took a waitressing job in Brooklyn at Vinny’s of Carroll Gardens and spent time there with a single mother of two. I also spoke to police officers and spent many, many hours working with my acting coach creating the back story for my character and personalizing every moment of Ann’s journey.


KDHamptons: How long have you been coming to the Hamptons and what do you love most about the East End?

Lois Robbins: I have been coming to the Hamptons all my life. I love the air, the beaches, going bike riding. Mostly, I love being at home with friends and spending time with my family.  


KDH: Do you have a Hamptons winter uniform?

Lois: My Hamptons winter uniform consists of jeans, sweaters and my Ralph Lauren long shearling coat! I don’t really have one designer that I’m married to in the Hamptons. I have a “Vogue” closet that has all my old favorites and I dress according to my Gemini mood!    


KDH: Describe your perfect Hamptons off-season day in detail?

Lois: My perfect Hamptons off-season day begins with bundling up and taking a long walk on the beach. From there, I might go to lunch with my husband, or just hang out at home reading a good book by a raging fire. Curling up watching a movie with nice bottle of red~ wine completes a great day!


KDH: Please describe your Hamptons home and decorating style?

Lois: My home was a labor of love that was four years in the making. It’s a traditional shingle style with rounded roofs and two light houses. My decorating style is warm and comfortable. I like mixing styles. But, mostly, it’s about the art. We love collecting!  


KDH: Do you have one new home purchase you are obsessed with this season?

Lois: I am obsessed with a new sculpture we bought last summer by three Japanese artists named Three! The sculpture is a feline/woman made out of toys that is divided into three sections. It’s a real conversation piece at cocktail parties.


KDH: Do you like to entertain at home? Who cooks? What’s your “go-to” dinner plan?

Lois: I love to entertain, especially at Thanksgiving! This year we had 26 people over. I absolutely love to cook so my friend Lori and I made everything ourselves. My “go-to” meal is a delicious fresh tomato salad with basil, grilled anything and my homemade deep dish apple pie.  


KDH: If you could invite three people to your Hamptons home for a dinner party [dead or alive], who would you choose?

Lois: Picasso, President Obama, and Steven Spielberg!


KDH: What is your favorite Hamptons restaurant~ got a favorite dish & drink you get every time?

Lois: I love Estia’s in Sag Harbor for breakfast. Pierre’s in Bridgehampton for mussels and frites, and I like to order a Patron Silver on the rocks with three limes! For a dinner date with my husband I like Robert’s in Water Mill and I always order the chicken- yum!


KDH: Which charitable cause are you most involved with?

Lois: I am involved with so many charitable organizations: Lung cancer, because of my Dad, breast cancer, because as a woman and mother of two daughters I have to be, Lupus – for my sister, Chron’s disease for a dear friend, Oceana and The Plastic Pollution Coalition- because we have to be responsible to save the planet!