KidHampton Event: Keep on Truckin’ East End Tour - Summer 2015 at Hayground School



The Keep on Truckin’ East End Tour – Summer 2015 continues at Hayground School at 151 Mitchell Lane, Bridgehampton.  This summer a team of artists and educators are here from Brooklyn, engaging children in creative work with blocks, trucks and art, set in and around a seventy-foot big rig, which has been redesigned as an educational space. The 18-wheeler, aptly named Big Mama, drives the message “Keep on Truckin” to encourage children to persevere in the face of a challenge and never give up on their dreams.




“We are a team of artists and educators working with children in and around our 18-wheeler at Hayground Camp in Bridgehampton this summer. If you’ve driven by, on Mitchell Lane, you can’t miss our beautiful, classic Keep on Truckin’ big rig!” shares Angela De Vincenzo, Educator and proud owner of Big Mama, the big rig. “Come hang out tonight at Hayground Farmers’ Market. At around 6:00 we will be spinning records out of our big rig for a fantastic dance party on the field.”


This program is also open to children outside Hayground Camp. This Blocks, Trucks + Art study will allow children to observe, build, paint, discuss and share ideas. Blocks: Small groups of children will create block structures of their choice. They will be encouraged to work together, negotiate and problem solve collaboratively on these engaging tasks. Trucks: Children will be given a comprehensive tour of the big rig to look closely at the parts of a truck, learn about how such parts impact the function of an enormous 18-wheeler, and how these amazing vehicles serve their community.


Children will learn about the history of artists on the East End of Long Island and explore various painting styles and techniques including abstract expressionism. Children may also be inspired to create truck-related art. Small group Blocks, Trucks + Art workshops are offered Mondays & Tuesdays or Wednesdays & Thursdays 3:15-4:15, and on Saturdays from 10-12am. The cost is $100 (please note that Saturdays are 2-hour sessions). Fridays from 3-7pm at the Hayground Farmers’ Market visitors can get a big rig tour, view kids’ work from the Blocks, Trucks + Art Workshop, shop the Keep on Truckin’ pop-up, and sign up for Blocks, Trucks + Art and Jeff Mayer will be spinning records out of the big rig for a dance party on the Hayground field, Fridays 6-8pm.

* For more info please contact: Angela De Vincenzo / mobile: 646-258-3762 email: or go to