KDHamptons Taste of Summer with Hamptons Aristocrat Lobster & Rosé Party Cart


What is a party without delicious eats?! Founder of KDHamptons, Kelli Delaney, recently hosted a wonderful ‘Goats in the Garden Party’ at Maple Shade, her beautiful Water Mill home. Lucky for her happy and hungry guests, baby buttermilk chicken & biscuits, traditional lobster rolls, flavorful carrot vegan “hot dogs” and summer bites made by Hamptons Aristocrat were served out of their adorable Lobster and Rosé party cart.  Guests clinked Mionetto Prosecco flutes and enjoyed a perfect summer day.  Sharing some party photos from the day with you below…bet your mouths are already watering!

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Lexi Ritsch, Co-founder + Director of Catering & Events (left); Louisa Young, Co-founder + Executive Chef (right)


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— By Emmy Sammons